Prague Travel Tip -- to & from Airport Transportation

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    Taxi transportation is renoun world wide for riping off travelers. Prague taxis are also world class. However, they do have meters and if you are vigilant and know where you are going (distance in Km), is is not too bad --35Kc plus 34Kc P/Km. By all means, avoid having a online booking agent
    (the same one you get your accomodations booked with -- they add at least 30% to the fare, the same % as they charge for the hotel booking).

    Hence, my trust & stupidity cost me 590Kc for a 8 Km trip, whereas, if I picked one taxi from the curb at the termial, it would have cost me only 307Kc. Live and learn!

    However, my return trip to the Airport was then more reasonable, only 18Kc, I used public transportation this time.

    TIP: From wherever you are in Prague, get yourself on Metro A -- Green Line -- and go to the end of the line in Dejvice. Then go to the street level (elevator/lift available) and go to bus number 119.The bus runs evey 15 minutes -- 5am until 12:30am week days. Ten minutes later you are at the airport, accross the street from the terminal!..

    BEWARE: Not to spoil you trip, make certain you also have stamped a 6Kc ticket for your luggage in addition to your 12Kc fare. Since bus 119 seems to have a full time resident inspector on board, and as you get to the last stop, he pulls out his Gold Shield :evil: , and in perfect English asks you to present your fare tickets (12Kc + 6Kc). :roll: If you do not have them, it will then cost you 500Kc for each infraction, payable on the spot :oops: ... Have a nice trip. Prague is OK :D

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    nice tip&advice :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    thanks a lot

    loveinprague 8)
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    The 119 bus is a great, cheap way to get into town. From Device, you can get pretty much anywhere in Prague via Metro or tram.

    Please note though, this is a regular city bus. If you are arriving during a rush hour commute time, the bus will be quite full of passengers. There is no area for luggage. Just as a note, you might want to take this into consideration when you choose the size of your suitcase or other bags :?

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