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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GFous, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. GFous

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    My wife and I will be traveling to Prague in May. A second cousin in Prague that has a business doing geneaology research for others found me about five years ago (both sets of my grandparents are from Prague).
    We will be visiting his family and the village of my ancestors.

    I am a developer of medium to large condo communities in Florida and will be looking for real estate opportunites in the C.R.

    I welcome comments about travel and business in the C.R. I am here to learn.

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    Hello Gregg,

    My name is Ed, I have a property development firm in the UK and have just returned from a trip to Prague investigating development and investment opportunities there. Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic are excellent places for buy-to-let investment with good rental yealds and supurb possibilities for capital growth. Myself and my contact an Prague are looking at a variety of options but the most likely will be to set up an property aquisitions company buying for both our own investment and for others. I am currently putting some information together for other potential investors in the UK but would be willing to open the floor to yourself or other US investors.

    I should note that myself and my contact are both 26 and have limited finances hence why we wish to involve other investors. For our ages our combined experience in property and my contacts local knowledge are quite impressive but we still have things to learn too. We are in the process of 'interviewing' experts such as solicitors, finance experts, accounants and building firms so that we could offer a full package to investors.

    It should also be noted that if your interests lie in development rather than longer term investments we could certainly help here too. Obviously more capital would be required and we were looking at starting on a smaller scale but with the right backing I feel we could develop from the start also. After all, this is what I do in the UK and my contact in Prague has many good contacts in the building trade and the ability to acquire the right properties in the first place.

    I wont go on anymore but should you wish to discuss things further please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is I am planning to visit Prague and other areas in the Czech Republic several times over the next few months so it could easily be possible to meet up while your there too.

    Anyway, hope we can be of help and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Ed Mordaunt

    Leighton Properties Ltd.
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    The Czech Republic are now in the EC, but development prospects are still highly controlled for non-residents - but it still can be done. The regulations on ownership for non-Czech residents are tight.
    I am from the UK, and over the last 5 years I have travelled to CZ frequently (more than 30 times). I now have many friends in Prague (Irish/English/American) who have started businesses there - I can give you their details, and they will give you advice on acquisition procedures/problems etc.
    You have Czech ancestory which is an enormous plus.
    The opportunities in the Czech Republic are endless. There are thousands of ex-pats that will help you.
    It is an amazing country, and I hope that you enjoy your stay...
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    Forgot to ask, but how far from Praha are you staying? There is some beautiful countryside out there...
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    GFous, check your private messages here...
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    I have heard from many of you in private messages and indeed will have set a few meetings. I will be staying two weeks at the Savoy - later half of May.

    To see what we develop here in Florida you can visit I also write a weekly column for real estate investers.....

    I have had many cautions about buying property in Czech Republic and quite frankly there are so many good opprtunites here in Flroida, that it perhaps would be unwise to spend money so far away from my site.

    I do very much look forward to the good food, the good people, meeting some family, and drinking good Czech beer.


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