Rental apartment or a house in Ostrava or Karviná

Discussion in 'Housing - For Rent, Sale or Exchange' started by kuwait, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. kuwait

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    I'm looking for an apartment or a house in Karviná and Ostrava from the date of 2.20

    And be close to the Sanatorium Darkov

    Residents in the apartment 4 people, the Arabs of the State of Kuwait

  2. Alexx

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    Hi kuwait. Darkov sanatorium has three locations. One in Klimkovice, which is about 20 minutes by car from Ostrava (50 minutes from Karviná), and two in Karvina, one in Darkov itself (oldest part), and one in Hranice (newer part).

    When in Karviná, try to find a place to stay in Karviná, as Ostrava is about 40 minutes by bus, or 30 by car, which is not convenient for everyday cummuting.
  3. kuwait

    kuwait New Member

    Thank you alexx

    But I would like to find the housing side of center Darkov

    Apartment or house
  4. kuwait

    kuwait New Member

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