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    I am looking for information on Rosa A SIEGLER, born july 10,1879; father Charles or Bohoma SIEGLER; mother Anichka KORZIHORSKI. She was born somewhere near Praha; town name Prost----. Rose came to the USA in 1900 as far as we know.
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    The only towns I can find beginning this way are Prostějov, Prostiboř, Prostřední Bečva, and Prostějovičky. The first is to the west of Plzeň, near the German border. The second is SW of Olomouc in Moravia. The third is in the Morasko-Slezko Beskydy near the Slovak border. The fourth is very near the second. None are very close to Prague. Prostějov is by far the largest of the four--the others appear to be small villages.
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    Have you proof the Ellis Island Museum, Ruth Ann? May you could find records about Rosa Siegler.
    Name Bohoma is wrong, probably it is Bohumil, but at that time it was unusual name, or Bohuslav (both are Czech version for German name Gottfried).
    Karel :)

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