Rudolf Klinger family

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    If you gave us the places of death, that would help. All the names (given and surnames) are German, not Czech, with the exception of Milada. The maiden name Oesterreicher, I think, means "Austrian" in German, so I'd imagine there's a good possibility that at least one of her parents or grandparents (or further back) were Austrian, and a good chance also that the place of origin is somewhere in the south, near the Austrian border.
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    But place of birth is more helpful.

    With the exception of Milada which is purely Czech name, Rudolf which was purely Czech spelling (in German it was “Rudolph” that time) and Leopold which could be both Czech and German. :wink:

    Nice extrapolation. :D

    What do you think about the origin of Czech president Klaus? Or Austrian ex-president Klestil? And what about the leader of German socialist in pre-war Czechoslovakia who was called Czech? And what about the leader of the Czech socialist who’s name was Němec (=German)?

    Jason, I googled your posts in different fora and thus I know you have much more information. Please give us all information you have, especially all the places and dates of birth, places of residence etc. Then we can direct you to the right archives in the Czech Republic.

    I found more information here, is it your post?

    Given the birth place of Milada Klingerová, the municipality of Brázdim, you should be interested in this archive or in its superior archive.
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    Certainly, but he had only mentioned that he had places of death.

    Yes, I didn't notice the spelling of Rudolf. But then again, I don't speak German. I have never met a Czech named Leopold--my ignorance (although the name is undeniably of German origin).

    I was leaving room for the possibility that their ancestors were only living in Austria, but not ethnically Austrian.
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    Thanks for the correction. :oops:

    Just curious - are we required to verify all of our grammar before we submit a post?
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    No, not at all! I always read over mine at least once to check, but I'm don't always catch all my mistakes anyway. By the way, my previous post wasn't meant in the way of criticism, but rather so that you make sure you are looking for the right person.
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