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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by ArieA, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. ArieA

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    Hi, I'm Arie and I'm in desperate mood searching for a lady I met in Spain, Lloret de Mar, last June 2006.

    It's quit simple: there was something in the air that week and I was not able to make contact. The last day I tried to say goodbay, asking what languages she was speaking and I failed to continue after a few "non's"!
    As a matter of fact I, later on, realized she said "tjeck" so I assumed she was a Czech women.

    I started an e-mail exchange with the hotel but they didn’t really cooperate; I got answers but no, it was to difficult and so on!

    So I googled internet and Czech Republic in particular and now I found this side.
    Is there anyone who can give me advise how to continue?

    Advertising? News Papers? Television? I really don’t know how to go on!

    O, by the way, I’m not in love but I recognized something we might have in common so that’s why I want to seek further contact!

    I’m 64 en she might be between her 30th en 40th! I don’t know, of course, her name, but I know where she was at that particular place and time. So she must be able to read my search so she can recognizes herself and react (hopefully)!
    Who can help me out?
  2. Ájík

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    Arie, I think I can understand your feelings.
    Find a particulary person is gonna be tough. I would try an advertising in the news papers, maybe on the net also. So, I wish you to find your "blue lady". :wink:

    oh oh these Czech women

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