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    I am searching for any information regarding the families of Hurtuk or Kokrda, from vysny slavkov or katovice areas.
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    Vyšný Slavkov is a small village in Slovakia.
    Katoviceis a small village in the south of Czechia, but Katowice is a rather big city in Poland.
    I haven't found "Hrtuk" among surnames in Czech republik, the nearest was "Hrtus" or "Hrtús" (relative frequency both together 96/5000000).
    Kokrda is also rather rare here in Czech republik (91/5000000).
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    I am just so amazed that my post generated such a quick response. I have been doing genealogy for many many years here in the usa...not my czech ancestors, but other side and sometimes it takes YEARS for someone to come across a post and reply to it. I thank you so much. As far as I am aware, my ggrandmother's family was from Katovice, in cz, not Katowice, in Poland. And i am certain that her husband was from vysny slavkov. Since I don't know the czech language, I only spell their last names as they were written over the years when they arrived in the usa....could they have been spelled differently? By the way, Praha is a wonderful wonderful place. I fell in love at first sight, and felt very at home. I hope I can find my relatives somewhere, based on any leads I may get on the website...thank you again
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    Sorry for mistaking Hurtuk for Hrtuk (I should buy better glasses :)
    the frequency Hurtuk+Hurtúk is 23/5000000, Hurtuková+Hurtúková 25/5300000
  6. Karel_lerak

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    Municipal office members and mayors since 1900
    OBECNÉ ZASTUPITEĽSTVO, but you can find much more just googling.
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    Again, some googling brings results for Kokrda, Katovice.
    To see correctly the diacritics, the Windows 1250 code page should be selected.
  8. Hello, my name is Vera Stefkova-Kokrdova. I was born in Katovice, on Nadrazni 22 in 1932. My granddad, Josef Kokrda was born in 1867 and died in 1945. His wife Marie was born in 1876 and died in 1962.
    My grandfather had a brother (and 4 sisters), i think his name was Vaclav. He went to America when young, but our family did not keep in touch with him, we do not know anything abot him or his possible family.
    If you are a descendant of this Kokrda, we would be pleased to hear about his life and family.
    Now, in the house on Nadrazni 22 lives my oldest brother Josef, who was born in 1925.
    We could sent you a genealogic tree of Josef Kokrda(my grandfather)
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    I did a search of the Kokrda name in the US and came up with the following names:

    Bob Kokrda
    BALLSTON SPA, NY 12020
    PHONE: 518-884-8233

    Bobby Kokrda
    OMAHA, NE 68164
    PHONE: 402-932-9570

    Bobby Kokrda 7
    LA VISTA, NE 68128
    PHONE: 402-932-9570

    Bud Kokrda
    4951 NETARTS HWY W PMB2491
    JANESVILLE, CA 96114
    PHONE: 530-253-3249

    Christine Kokrda
    15025 PINON TRL
    NATHROP, CO 81236
    PHONE: 719-395-5845

    You might try to write a letter to each of these persons and explain what you know and what you are trying to find out.

    Good Luck - I hope you have better luck locating YOUR lost relatives on this side of the Atlantic than I did trying to find them on your side of the Atlantic. ... php?t=4767
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    Dear Vera,

    I am so sorry I have not responded to your post. I do not know a lot about my great grandmother's Kokrda family. I know only that my grandmother was born in 1911, the first child born in the USA ...all her older siblings were born in Vysny Slavkov. Her mother was Anna Kokrda. I think she was probably born around 1870. Her father was Thomas Kokrda. I do not know if Thomas and Anna ever came to the USA. I know only their names. If perhaps Thomas was related to your Jozef then maybe we are relatives. I would very much like to have a copy of your family tree, as you suggested to see if maybe we are related. Then I can tell you anything you might be interested in about what your possible ancestor here did and where they lived and so on. You can email me directly and i can give you my address. Thank you !!
  11. Janis Kokrda

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    Vera and new member from PA,
    My husband has ancestors from Katovice - Kokrdas. Vaclav b 1873
    and brother to Josef b 1876. Vaclav came to Nebraska in 1899 and
    remained here till his death.

    Janis Kokrda in Nebraska
  12. Janis Kokrda

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    I am hoping to make a connection with you Vera. I have sent your brother Josef a letter in hopes he will get it to you since I don't know your address. I am looking forward to learning more about Josef and his family.
    Janis Kokrda in Nebraska US

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