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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Anonymous, Apr 11, 2000.

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    Hello All
    I am from the Kyslinger family . There are a few in Kyov. My grandparents are Kyslinger are living in Opava and my parents are now living in South Africa. Is there anyone who may now of any living around the world? Please contact me on Ahoj Monica
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    Have you tried the Yahoo! People Search? It is at and you can search for people by their last name who live in the US (telephone search) or around the world (e-mail search). I have found several people with your last name who live in the USA - maybe you could send them an e-mail to find out if they are related to you.
    You can also search the Czech phone book online to find people with your last name who live in the Czech Republic. Again, I have found three who live in Prague, one in Opava (probably your grandparents), two in Kyjov (probably your relatives also), one in Brno, etc. In order to do this type of search, go to, click the "Telefonni seznam" (Phone Book) link, then enter your last name in the "Prijmeni" (Last Name) section, specify the city of your choice in the "Mesto/Obec" (City/Town) section and click "Odeslat" (Send).
    Good luck!

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