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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by durk, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Are there second hand shops in the CR where to buy books and CDs/DVDs ? Trying to find something in the yellow pages for hours and nothing comes up.
  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Try "antikvariát" (shop selling used books, magazines and CDs).
  3. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    I'm bringing back this topic from the dead.

    I know there are second hand diskstores in Prague, but I have no idea where. why are they so unpopular in Czech Republic?

    For Brno, I have come to the conclusion that there is not a single second hand shop in this city. I think this is such a shame, I don't understand why it is like that...? Is there a fundamental reason for this, and also the absence of laundromats (I still haven't recovered about this)?
  4. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    try eg. this page
    or more links
  5. geauxboy

    geauxboy Well-Known Member

    I say that it would be the perfect opportunity to start one. You can corner the market. If you don't, I might just come over and give it a try.

    Why is it that Brno doesn't have second hand shops or laundromats? I say investigate the logistics and if it's feasible, do it.
  6. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    So it seems there are some second hand antikvariat for books, and at least (or most) 1 for cds.

    Now for proper second hand shops (with a bit of everything, like furniture, electronics, hifi) I doubtr there is such thing. So how can czech people get rid of their old stuff to make some cash? Classifieds? Are those popular?

    And for laundromats, seems in the whole central and eastern europe, it is not common. Romania, Bulgaria, hungary... I have asked colleagues and they never saw nor used this kind of service. But there are so many reasons one could need a laundromat : just moved in and doesn't have a machine, home device broken, need for a larger capacity machine : carpets, blankets, rugs... But I don't know if people here are ready to use it..
  7. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Czechs seldom move, have much less living space, never hord "stuff" like many readers here so they don't have stuff to get rid off. They seldom have extras and if grandma dies, stuff moves within the family.

    However, books are probably only "hording" stuff in Czech culture and thus Antiquariat is long tradition in "used" books. There are usually much older than what we consider second hand and quite often collectibles.

    Another shop to look for in phone book is Bazar - there you find old stuff (even OLD electronics), which are not yet Antiques, but often borderline. Bazar often specializes, so you may find that they have only certain type of things.

    Second Hand is usually just clothes. These clothes are not Czech second hand - viz above, but brought in from France, Germany and England second hand or seconds.
  8. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Very interesting actually :)

    I guess I have to wash my brain from all my second hand addiction from the western world. I love being comfronted to different things.
  9. geauxboy

    geauxboy Well-Known Member

    Just because it's not there yet doesn't mean it can't be successful. My mind has been overtaken by the self employed bug.
  10. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Mine too :)

    But my capital is too little yet hehe. But if you want to do it, call me :)
  11. Yetisued

    Yetisued New Member

    Hi guys,

    even though there seem to be quite some answers on this topic, I'd like to try again. We will visit Prague in August to attend a concert and as I like Eastern Europe Rock/Metal music a lot, I thought I´d ask whether any of you knows a good (second hand) CD shop specializing in that kind of music and/or a store big enough to have quite some CDs of that style in Prague.

    I am sure a city so large has quite some offers, but I cannot ask my companions to follow me searching for them all day long :lol: Any help will be appreciated, if you post any links, please make sure they carry English information as my Czech is non-existent! :p

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