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    In another of my quests to find sims and difs between cultures- I was wondering how common home sewing is in CR. Do many young women still sew their own garments or crafty items? Or is this an "old fashioned hobby of matka a babicka"?
    Are sewing machines made in CR? If so, what brands? If not, what are the common brands bought and used? Where are they made? Are most sewing machines basic straight and zig-zag or fancy models w/ computers and fancy stitches?
    Do men ever sew? How do thier friends and family feel about men sewing?

    Bye 4 Now
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    I know how to sew button back on clothes :)
  4. alenastef

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    And can you make buttonhole?
  5. scrimshaw

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    Vodník umí šit. :D
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    Maybe, but it have to be hemed, isn't it?
    Musí se obroubit, že jo?
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    Hi Alenastef,

    You say that people made clothes before 1989. Do they still do that or is it just crafts and household items nowadays. Are the sewing stores small local businessses or chain stores?
    Did zena of your matka a babicka generace sew by hand or did they use sewing machines? Sorry to sound ignorant. One of my grandmas didn't have a sewing machine until the late 50's or early 60's. She was married in 1948.
    If there were sewing machines back then do people collect them? Do they still work? What brands? Where were they made?
    Are or were quilts popular?
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    What a beautiful machine. I don't know how to use one, but I sure would like to own that. Especially if it belonged to a family member and had some sentimental value.
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    They can be found on ebay at low prices, at least some of them :roll: . The one pictured is called a treadle, non-electric. If ya found one for $20 or less w/ low shipping it would make a nice home decor. Early electric ones (until the mid-fifties) looked sim, except that they have a motor on the back. Those would be classified as vintage or antique rotary. You could put material and thread near the display machine and make it look like you know how to sew :wink: .

    Out of all 4 (1972 garage sale find, 1994 graduation self present, 1949-1953 pedal-less extra) I prefer to use my grandma's 1950 Domestic Deluxe 153 straight stitch as opposed to my "modern machines" that include zig-zag. I use them only if I have to zig-zag. Although now that I got the winning bid on ebay for a zig-zag attachment I probably won't use them as much. Do you still use your babicka machine, Alenastef? Or is that your great grandma's? If so, aren't the old ones fun to use? Although I guess I can't speak about treadle machines. Great excersise, I suppose :lol: . Did you learn how to sew from your matka or at skola, or both?

    Personally I think it is fun to buy decades old patterns and make old/new clothes like previous generations wore. To each his own I guess :wink: . Is face stitch the same as a basic straight and zig-zag that would cost $60-150 US dollars in the states.

    Oh, by the way Eso, I think that is cool that you can sew buttons :) . Yes the edge should be hemmed before the buttonholes are sewn. Otherwise everything would be uneven.
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    Hey congrats :D . Pfaff are very nice machines. Have fun when you get it!
  13. wissy

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    You are too organised!! :roll: What's your secret? Have a happy Christmas. :D
  14. gypzy

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    Not really. I didn't start 'til after American Thanksgiving. I didn't get them sent out 'til Thursday. They have 'til Saturday to get there :shock: !

    Listening to Christmas CDs and records (Brian Setzer, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, Elvis, Ray Conniff Singers, George Strait) while sewing. Not eating as much or fixing big dinners and cutting corners on cleaning.

    Same to you :D

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