simplest directions to Bustehrad and Lidice

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    Hello, I will be in your beautiful country once again from April 12 to April 21. This time I am staying near the Skalka metro stop. A whole new area for me. On Saturday, April 14, I plan on going to the flea market in Bustehrad. Does anyone know...does it end at noon??I can't read the website. My main question is, what is the best way to get there? I know it was tricky last time. I took the metro to Dejvicka and then the bus, but the bus was not where the others were parked. It was a couple of blocks away. I think it should go "in the direction of Kladno". Is that also towards Lidice? and if so, could i go there after the market??? What is there to see there? I am also wondering if there would be a special bus to the market as last time i had to go past it and then walk back to the field from town. Sure hope someone can help. Also, if anyone is driving there, I would pay for gas if I could get a lift. Thank you
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    Bus stops on Dejvicka are here.

    Mind there are three stops and buses going to more locations from there.
    And even if bus going to Kladno (it's writted on sign on bus), it doesn't mean for sure it stops in Bustehrad. Best choice is to ask driver "Stavite v Bustehradu?" or just "Bustehrad?".

    Lidice aren't far away from Bustehrad - about 1 km:
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    Thank you. I DO appreciate the help, however I can't read Czech. Are there any websites in English?

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