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    Hello everyone,
    It has always been an interest of mine to visit the Central-European countries of Czech Rep., Slovakia and Hungary. In the future, I am planning a trip around the region and are planning to spend a fair deal of time in Slovakia. I am interested in exploring the Tatra Mountains and getting to know the people and culture especially in Bratislava. Can you please give me some hints/ideas in regards to culture and places to see within Slovakia? I also wanted to know if the Bohemian culture and folkdancing are also common here?
    Also, I was just curious to know what the relations are like between the Czechs and Slovaks following the separation?
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    You can read more about the break up of Czechoslovakia and a brief comparison of the Czech and Slovak cultures on the topic odd question.

    As for places to see in Slovakia, I particularly enjoyed the Vysoké Tatry and Spišský Hrad (large castle by the sea [ha!] from the movie Dragonheart). Note, that they had a severe windstorm in the Tatry a couple of months ago, which caused some destruction in the touristy areas (see Terchova, NE of Žilina, is a pretty area as well (see I also enjoyed Zvolen (there's a nice little park with an old German military train) and Banská Bystrica (nice main square). If you go to Bratislava, try the UFO restaurant atop the bridge on the Dunaj (Danube)--it's a little more expensive than most restaurants in the area, but it's worth going once.

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