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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Wicker808, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Wicker808

    Wicker808 Well-Known Member

    Hi. This is not a question. I've been doing some translations of songs into and from Czech. If you'd like to, you can look at them. The address is:

    The site is somewhat weighted towards the works of rapper Eminem. This is not intended as an endorsement, appearances to the contrary. (Site design was work of a friend.) Although I should perhaps caution that not all songs are appropriate for readers of sensitive sensibilities.

    I know my translations are imperfect and welcome your comments here. Also if you'd like me to try translating something in particular, I can perhaps abide requests.

    From my personal taste, rap is not my favorite genre. For translating I think it is fun because it offers the most challenge, and also because I think most non-native English speakers have no idea what a rapper is in fact saying. (Also most native English speakers don't know.) What is it: Kick the juice?
  2. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    Thanks for the link! :D
    But I'd hardly call Eniminem?..Eminenem? M&M...a rapper.
    But I'm trying to learn czech so I could look at both the czech and english translations on your site to see how to correctly say or write something in czech. it'll work.
  3. Wicker808

    Wicker808 Well-Known Member


    Hm, do you mean you wouldn't call Eminem a rapper because you don't like what he does, or because you would classify him into another musical genre?
  4. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member

    That's something I think I'll find very useful. It's a bit like the "Rosetta stone" (the actual stone, that is, not the company named after it)... :)

    I've done some (so far futile) attempts at translating some Czech texts to English/Swedish. One I've come across is "Nejlepší Nápad" by Leoš Mareš. That one sounds awfully similar to something I've heard before, sung in English. I just can't remember what it was... if you know, please tell me! :)
  5. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    Ah...there are a lot of reasons why I wouldn't call him a real rapper...but ya wouldn't want to hear them. There's a word one could call him and people like him but I can't say it on this forum. I know my response is so vague..somethings are just better left unsaid.
  6. Valja

    Valja Guest

    Dear Wicker

    You've done a great job, really!

    I think that listening to favourite songs is the best way to learn languages (if you don't have the possibility to communicate with native speakers, of course).

    Could you please advise me if there are also any Czech songs on the web translated into English/Russian/Ukrainian? And have you heard of Is it a group of musicians or the name of the album? I'm not sure I put it right, but still...

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. ino

    ino Member

    Hi Valja,

    I gues you are looking for czech musicians group Wohnout. Try this link:

  8. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member


    I've done an attempt at translating "Tajemstvi" by Daniel Landa:

    Cekám na tebe
    tolik let už te znám

    Waiting for you
    so many years I have known you

    Schody do nebe
    kloužou jak led
    Ruku ti dám

    Stairway to heaven
    slippery like ice
    I give you my hand

    Tolik, tolik hvezd
    máš nad sebou
    Tolik, tolik cest
    co te k nim dovedou

    So many, so many stars
    you have above you
    So many, so many roads

    Jméno mé už znáš
    jsem tvuj stín
    i tvuj strach
    Dál me potkáváš
    vyrustám na slzách

    My name you already know
    I am your shadow
    and your fear

    How am I doing? is it all nonsense? :)

    What does potkáváš and nim mean?

    Does "už" mean anything at all? ;) I see it's being used everywhere, but the translation "already" seldom fits in the context...
  9. ino

    ino Member

    So many, so many roads
    which will lead you to them(stars)

    You are keep/still passing me
    I am growing in the tears

    potkáváš = potkat == passing (meet-ing)
    k nim = tam těm == direction to them
    už = already, yet - depence on the context ;-)
  10. Valja

    Valja Guest

    Do you know where I could download this song in mp3?
  11. digitaliz

    digitaliz Active Member

    Thanks ino :D
    Now I can move on the next verse...

    I might, but I suppose I'd better not write it here.... :wink:
  12. ino

    ino Member

    30sec. sample Here

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