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    My grandparents came to the U.S. in 1903. Grandfather, Alois Soukup came first and his wife, Marie [Fruhauf], with their three children followed sometime later that year. The ship manifest for him shows his last residence as Zbirov. Later his son showed Zbirov as place of birth on his military registration.
    I am the youngest in my family and all my older Czech relatives have died, so I have no one to ask questions.
    Having grown up in the Chicago area, I know how common the name Soukup is there. I am wondering if this will also be true in Zbirov [Zbiroh].
    Might there be many Fruhaufs also?
    I would really appreciate any opinions.
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    Soukup is a fairly common name, but in Zbiroh, there are only 6 listed with telephone numbers at

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