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  1. Andy

    Andy Member

    I was also in Prague last weekend, the statues on Charles Bridge were covered in webs.....I was told there has been a mini plague of them due to the warm weather....I hope the colder weather will clear them ready for my next visit :)

  2. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    Interesting thread. In the UK we had a plague of tiny spiders that were leaving webs on everything. They were getting everywhere. I live in the town, so didn't see any myself, but my mother, who lives rurally said she'd had loads of them and it was unusual, despite there being plenty of spiders normally in that area. (which is one reason I'm glad i no longer live there! :lol: )

    Plague of spiders - yuk!
  3. javanwolf

    javanwolf New Member

    Interesting that this is brought up. I'm quite an arachniphobe!!
    When I was in Prague over June 2004, i was literally having panic attacks from seeing and almost walking into webs with the biggest orb spinners I've ever seen! I couldn't believe how big the spiders were here and you could see like 5 of them crawling on their webs on the street light posts at night. i saw these monsters on Charles Bridge too. I was Scairt!!
  4. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    Monsters? :shock: Grief!!

    The ones Mum seen were tiny ones - good job I wasn't in Prague around that time, then wasn't it!! I would have come home in a coffin :lol:

    (note to myself.. Czech spiders are bigger than English ones..)
  5. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    Small spiders send me into fits of panic, large ones would kill me alone by sight.
  6. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    I've just been watching that I'm a Celebrity jungle series in the UK, see the spiders on that, crikey!! :shock:

    I just came onto this thread and the big pic above revealed itself - forgot it was there.... :lol:
  7. tuzemski

    tuzemski Active Member

    wow hockey girl that looks just like my spider

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