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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Viktor, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    My search has brought me to a dead end in Prague! I'm stuck trying to obtain a Rodni List for my mother -- they claim that there were no birth certificates for the year 1919? Any suggestions?
    Also, my maternal grandparents -- allegedly born in Prague, but I found no record -- I'm searching for :
    Vikrtorie Engelberthova, rosena Stranska (b 1892 d 1960 Jablonec n/N)
    Major Karl Engelberth (b 1881? d 1918 Rusian Front) Any sugeestion would be greatly appreciated..I'm stuck here...Thanks..Viktor :(
  2. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    It looks grotesque. Of course that records from year 1919 exist!
    No central digitalization of records was run, so you need good localization of birth (not only Praha/Prague) or know a church, where the person was baptized (if it was). Praha was divided to 20 parts and every part was their own reistery office. Also churches are several dozens.
    With marriage of Engelberts it is same. About Karel Engelberth try
    Look at if we can help you.

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