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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Ruzete, Jul 19, 2005.

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    I understand where you come from with smelly feet (people wearing their shoes all day long :roll: ), but I have no idea what is "ugly feet" (I don't think that something like artificially deformed feet in ancient China is common nowadays, so aren't people with Hallux Valgus and similar foot deformities)?

    Anyway, I hope you're aware that people here usually wear socks in their shoes (unless they wear sandals/flip-flops etc.) and there are slippers for guests in our houses, so guests most certainly don't walk barefoot inside (but we inhabitants of the house/flat often do, so no wonder we like our floors clear). The worst thing that can happen to a guest is a little embarrassment when he finds out there's a hole on the heel of his sock, which he failed to notice before. :)

    Tricking hosts into believing their guests are wearing inside shoes
    is just rude and it's sad that someone can even think that disrespecting his host wishes is a right thing to do and even be proud of her "clever" way.

    Wiping shoes on the door mat is not sufficient to clear shoes' soles. Or maybe in some countries the sidewalks and roads are always absolutely clean, regardless of weather (rain, snow ...)?

    By the way, changing into slippers at home is a rule also in Japan , so it's not Czech/Slovak specialty and I bet we could find more countries/nations with this reasonable custom.

    Anyway - when in Rome do as Romans do. When visiting someone's home, respect your host's wishes.
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    This is a very interesting cultural thing.

    If dirt isn't visible it won't make you sick (unless of course you were to eat it) so I don't see any problem with invisible harmless dirt...

    But someone else's home is someone else's home!

    If I visit you, I'll take off my shoes, if you visit me, you better leave them on! ;)

    You must really hate the idea of walking outside barefoot then.. 'cause I do that all the time. Will Czech people think I'm strange? :O

    I kid!)

    I'd say it's nice though, it's much easier to relax if you have your shoes off.

    Turkey is another country where this is customary.

    Ugly feet:

    http://images.google.ie/images?q=ugly%2 ... utf-8&rls=

    People here generally wear shoes even in their own homes, so I imagine "ingrown toenails" and "athletes foot" are more common, I would categories them as "ugly"... so I am glad to hear about the socks!

    Are od socks* frowned upon?

    Because I'm going to have to think twice about moving if it means matching my socks...

    (Socks that don't match!)


    I hate it when people sniff! It is such an unpleasant sound! And it is so bad for you! You can get chest infections from it!
    When I hear the sound i can almost feel the mucus sliding back the persons throat.. *shudder*

    To me this is as foreign as if you said something like
    "They wear clothes all the time! What a hell it must be for their skin!"

    What a strange planet we live on where people can be divided by such tiny things, and you know silly people have started wars over less!
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    In CR we have usualy carpets in houses, so it's visible, believe me.

    Maybe Ireland weather is milder that Czech weather? Generally, in winter here is under 0°C and spring and fall are very muddy. Even in summer are showers and storms common.

    And we have even more peculiar customs ;)

    We are one of most secular nations of the world! Imagine that thing like faith in God is considered as really strange thing by majority of Czechs.
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    If I send you some pictures of our carpet, will you point out the dirt to me? ;)

    In the summer it is warm enough to be barefoot outside, but it is still wet.

    And we have even more peculiar customs ;)

    We are one of most secular nations of the world! Imagine that thing like faith in God is considered as really strange thing by majority of Czechs.[/quote]

    I don't have a problem with that! I have no religion.
    But frowning on religion is silly, high horses and all.

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