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Discussion in 'Culture' started by ta, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. ta

    ta Well-Known Member

    So, it had been gutted but not dead??? WHat the heck? Is that some kind of a new genetically engineered carp? :lol:

    I know, the soup is the best....who knows what's really in it but the outcome tastes great....

    Did you see the buckets they have them in?? That's some serious claustrophobic experience...or maybe they like to keep warm that way
  2. Yerusalyim

    Yerusalyim Well-Known Member

    We purchased the Carp live outside the Tesco in Cheb, they sliced it open, pulled the guts and wrapped it for us. We got it home 45 minutes later and she soaked it in the sink thinking it was dead....silly us. My guess is that this was mostly a nerve reaction on the part of the fish, sort of like cutting the head off a chicken and having it run around headless.

    At any rate the aquarium inside the Tesco was quite full of fish...the large plastic tub outside the Tesco was also quite was an enormous tub....and just full of fish.

    I watched my wife make the soup but wouldn't be able to repeat it...I had a second, and then a third serving. AWESOME.
  3. ta

    ta Well-Known Member

    That is crazy!!! Poor least he/she ended up tasting good..

    Did your wife make fried carp as well? Or would that just be too much carp for you in one day?
  4. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    Many years ago we bought carp filets and when we were unfreezing them it started to shake :shock:
    fishs and other simple beings just work that way..
  5. PGN

    PGN Well-Known Member

    Tag.....are you stationed in Graf or Vilseck?

    My mother-in-law has an apartment on Dolouha (sp) in Cheb.
  6. Yerusalyim

    Yerusalyim Well-Known Member

    I'm in Graf.

    Yes, she made the fried carp as well...excellent.

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