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    Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the USA. Every home was doing the same thing throughout the United States and its Territories : families gathering together to give thanks for what we have.

    It's so wonderful, Thanksgiving, because it requires no belief system. It offers each and every citizen a chance to say a simple thank you for whatever has come my way.

    For my family I roasted a turkey, made sweet potatoes and white mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a huge pool of gravy. I also made apricot and poppy seed kolache.

    Now I am ready for Christmas Eve when our immediate family, 3 people, will enjoy roast duck, knedliky, zeli, and kolache.

    Then on New Year's Day we will enjoy roast Goose, knedliky, zeli, and kolache.

    I know, I know... on New Year's Day do not cook/eat anything with wings.

    Well... Hope is a thing with feathers :)

    Holiday tip:

    If one follows each and every day of Advent, the stress of Christmas will be minimal.

    A blessed Advent and Yuletide to everyone that visits this special, most special web page.


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