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Discussion in 'General Language' started by michal7, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. michal7

    michal7 Active Member

    When it is appropriate to use the word slecna when addressing a woman? Or is this word totally oudated like the word Fraeulein in German?
  2. Ladis

    Ladis Well-Known Member

    No, it's not outdated:

    slečna (sl.) = miss (Ms.) - e.g. we use it in formal sentences: "Slečno Nováková, tahle paní to s vámi vyřídí (na úřadě)."

    But in a normal communitation, we don't use it.
  3. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Oh :eek: ,

    Michal7, do you really think that the word "Fräulein" is outdated? Why?
    And what about "Fräunlein"? Which word is used instead of these words?

    Ladis, which communitation is normal? The informal one? :D

    Slečna is usual in formal speech. I think in formal Czech there is no other possibility to address unmarried woman.

    In informal speech it is usual to use only first name.
  4. Ladis

    Ladis Well-Known Member

    yep :)
  5. Doc Odine

    Doc Odine Member

    Sometimes I use it in informal comunication, too. It can sound funny to use it, if you know when to use it, but I cant recommend someone who is not very good at czech language to try to use it in this way. You wont say anything bad or ofensive probably, but most people wont expect you to play with words and they will think that you made some mistake, maybe that you wanted to say something different.
    Also beware of the word "slečinka" - it can sound rather rude.
  6. Jirka

    Jirka Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    At a very elementary level:

    As it has been explained above, the Czech word "slečna" is used before a single (never married) woman's name, either full name or last name only, thus being equivalent to English 'Miss'; not 'Ms.' though, which has a different pronunciation and does not reveal marital status.

    "Slečna" is also used without a name and then the English equivalent is usually 'young lady'. It is sometimes used without a name to mean 'an unmarried woman' too, for example in salutions in correspondence: "Vážená slečno".

    Jirka Bolech
  7. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    "slecno" without the name is also used for young sales ladies. "Mlada pani" (young Mrs.) is used for sales ladies till they are retired :)

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