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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by BoredintheUSA, Oct 9, 2006.

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    BoredintheUSA started this thread in order to get people's opinions on whether or not she should move to the Czech Republic.

    But when faced with reality, the truth that it is not like living in disney land, as the under 30 crowd of czech responders would have her believe, your good guidance and opinions to her (although I guess I missed the part when it was determined she was a female) are met with distain and a revengful go home to Bush land, atd.

    Prague is a badly polluted whore house, and the articles prove it is not just my opinion. ( they were convienetly overlooked) and the thread ran away from the topic for the sake of convenience and its desire to continue to purport the country as cheap (its not), and clean....
    Empiricism is a philosophy in life, and uses facts and statistics to formulate opinions....the Czechs that responded were in diapers when I arrived here...

    Understandably, they were upset about the truth. Fear not, until yesterday I really thought I would never be proud to be American that liar Bush will go down I can see the light.

    Times sq. was a good example, people need to revolt to change things, not just give in and live in denial...
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    CU, your verdict on this thread is very biased. The only person who openly supported the idea of moving was alenastef. The majority of Czechs maintained neutral stance - in the best way expressed by eso's "Maybe trip before relocation is good idea".

    All the distain and a revengful attitude, as you wrote, was irritated by your line of reasoning (not by your opinion), that means by your

    1) superficial and misinterpreted statistic (Na Příkopě is the 18th most expensive street in the world)
    2) lying statistics (Czechs earn the lowest of ANY EU country.)
    3) irrepresentative examples
    4) bigoted prejudices towards ateists

    ... and by a lot of other unwarranted assertions.
    Yes, one xris's 5 line comment in this 7 page thread is really very representative. Not speaking about the fact, it was only sarcastic reaction to your haughty and insulting comment on ateists.
    Ho ho, the Czechs in diapers were able to respond with relevant statistics from serious institutions, you argued only with newspapers, very serious source.

    And BTW:
    1) You have no idea how old we are.
    2) You have elbow room to project all your life experience into your argumentation instead of taunting somebody else's age.
  3. MK

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    I should say, I also pointed on some things you misinterpreted or you was lying about. Therefore I am really curious which year you arrived here.

    It looks to me you can not live here for so long?!
  4. CU

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    MK, if you want to respond to the thread, read the thread. I stated that i arrived here in 91....

    gypzy stated: In response to the original question about wether the young lady should move to the CR. As someone who has never been, but would like to, I think she should weigh out the pros and cons and I believe this is a good place to learn
    I agree...

    You are painting a rosey picture while overlooking the negatives, this is not empirical. Start another thread called the good things about CR and I will join in.

    wer's great contribution was this:
    CU wrote:
    Yes, atheists do bother me!

    That explains a lot.
    Wer, might you have continued onto the very next sentence, you would have seen that the opinion was expalained.
    I find them conveniently ignorant, until they need something from God, then there are theists for a day!

    And I find theist ignorant, they think a confession wipes the slate clean.
    (This is not my opinion, only a stupid reply to your stupid statement.)

    wer, no slate is whipped clean from going to confession, there is repenting and commitment and other forms of forgivness that only God grants...and not to all. but dont you think that is for another thread?

    Poland, a highly theist country hasnt these problems, did you note?

    Really? Which problems? Gays discrimination?
    No wer, remember the thread and its topic, lots of herna bars and prostitution
    Do you like R.J.Giertych? Never heard of him, and google only returns your ramblings when his name is entered, although I am sure you will tell me how much of a fool he was and how I remind you of him.

    dzurisovak said:I do agree that there is too much sex for my liking. I almost walked into a bar until I noticed a big sign with a picture of a naked woman on it. Then I realized what kind of bar it was. I'm glad CU gave you his perspective because it can be very helpful to you

    as you can see , it is not just my opinion.
    Yet he also stated: find a lot of criticism about the USA on this website but when one person states things about the CR that are displeasing to him, all of a sudden there is a defensive uproar.
    Now that hit the nail on the head...

    Now, back on the Na Prikope issue. So, let me get this right, it is the most expenisive street, yet you would have her believe that the goods sold in such expensive real estate are affordable? NOOOOOOOOOOO

    bigoted prejudices towards ateists : you can keep it, this is not a thread for religion, but here is light reading for the feable..
    The Czech Republic, after all, is known as the country with the highest percentage of atheists in Europe — 58 percent, according to the last census. ... heists.php
    in fact this weeks issue deals with pollution, privacy rights, child prostitution and other such relevant issues that were in this thread, but wait, I must check with you first to see if you approve of the source, right?
    Guess such newspapers like the WSJ, NYTimes dont make you list of approved either eh? The radio prague and other sources arent exactly Blesk...

    I also mention that some of the czechs appear to have been in diapers when I arrived in 91. Why?
    You posted you fotos!
    So spit it wer, how old are you and what is your level of education to speak so highly and overlook the obvious that even you tourism industry has acknowledged, i.e. Prague is a one time vacation, most dont return for a second look. The sources also did well to highlight the sleaze affect that is EVERYWHERE...

    Great place for a backpaker, not some looking for a new career, start over or raise a family!

    Enought of this, did you bother to notice that she never returned to the thread? Maybe she heard enoguh to render a competent adult decision!
  5. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Wendy cannot return to this thread. She died of boredom in the meantime.
  6. alenastef

    alenastef Well-Known Member

    Of course Wendy will NOT come and we all guys should really think about moving OUT, become theists and become older. I will not return to this thread too.
  7. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Who is painting a rosey picture? In fact, I said nothing about the Czech Republic. And it is similar with others.

    I give you no opinion of A nor B when saying it is not right that A implies B.

    Did you noticed that nobody was outraged by dzurisovak and all the "revengful" attitude was aimed at you? Do you have no idea why?
    We can agree with dzurisovak (my case!) or at least respect her opinion, but we strongly disagree with your substantiation: That's because Czechs are ateists.

    CU, I created this statement about teists in the same way you created yours about ateists. I tried to lampoon your attitude towards ateists. I even stressed it's only a parody by using the text in parenthesis.
    Never? You, such an expert on Poland? Giertych is Polish politician who is generating everyday headlines in Polish news. Two days ago, the USA demanded his resignation. He's strongly critised because of his attitude towards gays, prostitution, hazard, alcohol, abortions etc.
    Your comparison of Czech Republic and Poland reminds the comparison of today's Chicago and Chicago during the era of Prohibition.

    I also cease to post in this thread.
  8. MK

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    Reading your posts is quite time consuming. Anyway it was mistake. Sorry.
    So, what you wrote about people in diapers is not true.Regarding me, I was at university that time.
    I only corrected some false infos you had written about CZ. Others did the same. :?: :!:
    I am glad you changed your mind. (You wrote originally that Prague is expensive and supported it by stating that street Na prikope is expensive.) My opinion is that goods in the shops in Na prikope are affordable (not cheap but affordable). I understand that for some people it can be quite opposite. Please no offence: You wrote that you are unable to afford traveling. If it is really so then shops in Na prikope should look for you very very very expensive.

    I will not comment "religion things". It is out of topic.

    What I am very curious about is how it is possible that your opinion about CZ is so different to mine or other czechs. You are living here for 15 years hence your experience with living in CZ is comparable to mine. You also experienced (or suffered) the boom of pornography, sex shops etc. in the begining of nineties, then you experienced how it quickly calmed down to the current level. How is it possible you are not used to it after 15 years here and still remembering very begining of nineties?
  9. Dana

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    Here are my two cents...

    You must be kidding, using an anti-American demonstration organized by the communists (how can you put such crucial information in parentheses?) to "prove that Prague is unfriendly towards Americans". As far as Paroubek goes, he'll do anything to get back in power.

    All you need to do to determine a member's gender is look at the member's profile.

    Please stop calling Prague a whore house. It is insulting and disrespectful. I live here, go out every day, shop, eat out, use public transport, go to the movies, etc., and I have yet to see a single whore. If I think about a roughly 2-km radius around where I live, I can readily come up with one sex shop, two adult DVD stores and one newsstand that routinely has porn magazines out in front. True, I'd rather not see any of these places, but I certainly don't feel like I'm living in a city overrun with sex.

    My husband and I lived in the U.S. from 1997 to 2004. We've been living in Prague for the past two years and we lived here for several years in the 1990s. Our living expenses in a suburban town in California were much higher than they are in Prague, the most expensive location in the Czech Republic. We spent more on rent, health insurance and health care, eating out, even groceries. My husband and I had to each own a car (= buy it, maintain it, pay insurance on it and buy gas) to be able to get around anywhere since public transportation was virtually non-existent and walking was out of the question where we lived. We don't own a car in Prague because we have no need for it. Sure, things like good quality clothes, cosmetics or electronics are more expensive here but my experience is that many of the necessities you can't go without are cheaper here.

    As others have pointed out before, the ranking refers to the price of real estate, not the prices of the actual products sold in the stores. Secondly, the fact that Czechs earn low salaries compared to other EU countries is not very relevant in connection with Na Příkopě Street. In very simple terms, Na Příkopě is to Prague what Fifth Avenue is to New York (this sounds dumb but I hope my point comes across). Your ordinary Joe doesn't regularly shop on Fifth Avenue, just like your ordinary Pepa doesn't routinely shop on Na Příkopě. Na Příkopě has a relatively high density of stores that are generally considered expensive, e.g. high-end designer labels such as Cerruti, Nina Ricci, Pierre Cardin, Valentino, etc. These labels are expensive everywhere. They are meant to be expensive and they are not meant for the average Czech with his average salary. On the other hand, if I wanted to buy a pair of shoes at Leiser or a bottle of lotion at L'Occitane, I wouldn't care if I go to the store on Na Příkopě or the store on U Prašné brány or the one at Palác Flóra. I would expect the prices to be the same or very similar between the different locations. Just like I would expect to pay an arm and a leg for Cerruti jeans no matter where.

    What does this have to do with anything? Are you saying that people under thirty whose level of education is not approved by you don't have a right to voice their opinion here and should be ignored?

    Prague is a one time vacation place just like most cities are. I think it is safe to say that most people visit San Francisco, Barcelona or Sydney once and never return. I believe that only a minority of vacationers visit the same city more than once. I know many foreigners who are living in Prague by choice or who keep coming back for short visits or extended stays. All these people love Prague and are happy here. Many of them fell in love with Prague or were intrigued with it on their first visit. They came back once, twice, however many times before deciding to move here for a year, for two years or for an indefinite period of time.

    CU, I think I've read all your posts in this thread and I'm very surprised that you are living here. How can you and why do you voluntarily live in an overpriced, polluted whore house full of atheists who bother you, herna bars and sex shops that you hate, in a city where your accent is frowned upon and whose historical sites, culture and architectural beauty keep you interested for no more than six days, in a country that doesn't teach you anything and that "can be covered in 5 - 8 days"? Why are you raising a family in a city of sin?
  10. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    True that Dana. True that.
  11. CU

    CU Member

    CU, I think I've read all your posts in this thread and I'm very surprised that you are living here. How can you and why do you voluntarily live in an overpriced, polluted whore house full of atheists who bother you, herna bars and sex shops that you hate, in a city where your accent is frowned upon and whose historical sites, culture and architectural beauty keep you interested for no more than six days, in a country that doesn't teach you anything and that "can be covered in 5 - 8 days"? Why are you raising a family in a city of sin?

    Simply stated, the escape plan is not that easy. We are looking at a 50-70 K Euro loss to sell our home this year. I am sure that our neighbors erecting a 15'x 5' sign on their home saying Mans Land has not helped property values. We are taking our children out of their elementary school, for having a whore house 30 secs away is unacceptable us. I would need a full relocation package to move back to the states, and the logistics to finding a home there, from here, is more expensive then to move from our location. We r looking at Dolni Chabry, P8, for there seems to be only homes, and only one or two resturants, with no commerical district. Now this poses the question, what is to stop Mr. German peadofile from opening up shop next to the next house we buy? You have missed the point of my postings, there are no laws protecting home owners from the smut, no zoning regs, etc.

    I am not wrong in stating that there are FAR too many herna bars etc. in this town, and once again, no zoning regs to protect where they are erected.

    The Czech Republic has an unusually large number of casinos which would not be able to prosper in a normal competition environment, HN writes. Some 150 casinos are registered in the country, far above the European average. ... ch-casinos

    How you can advocate the number of sex shops, the damage that they have caused to numerous young czechs, the denial of their existance and infiltration upon a great society is beyond me. You defend the pratice as if it is only in a isolated area and not publically viewable. I am appalled that a grown adult woman should overlook these practices and defend the nation as one with only great architecture, etc. As I stated, a new thread called the good things in Prague could suffice for that.

    If you dont feel like you live in a city overrun with sex you are alone. Even one woman that has never vistied here frowned on her son coming here to film for those exact reasons ( H Potter) , where could she have gotten such information from? It is your reputation, worldwide.....and your denial of its existance only fuels the fire.
    Now, as my wife says, stop playing with the children in the sand pit and get to work, I am out of here....(she finds you all rather delusional, and she, as I mentioned, is czech)
  12. eso

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    So you want us to change Czech republic to second USA (because it's best country in the world)?
  13. alenastef

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  14. CU

    CU Member

    alenstef: Which of the thousands did you enter and what did you purchase? Or was it a cabin you sought?!

    You really need a ameican to inform you indicates that you are aware of the problem, good job...

    eso you said: So you want us to change Czech republic to second USA (because it's best country in the world)?
    Thats exactly what I said, change it to be like the USA because we are best! Great interpretation, BE IT SOMEWHAT SELECTIVE!

    I got a kick out of this post on Prague TV today, guess others feel the same way!

    A creative, sensitive and kind male, is seeking new friends in this town - am British, 30's and not seeking romance: been here 6 weeks work 13 hour days - need to get out more!

    A) a quality sparring partner would be appreciated for some evening tournaments

    B) quality tottie would not be dismissed

    Please, no gold diggers, no prostitutes, no pimps, no pervs..... shit, I guess that IS why I can't meet anybody I like.. I've just scrubbed the majority of the populace... ok... just email me whoever you are
  15. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Yes, these Brits, it's a shame... And hasn't good reputation, I agree.

    But what this has to do with Czechs?
  16. alenastef

    alenastef Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am aware I HAVE a serious problem. Maybe I should meet some kind Brit to break my stereotypical free time activities (that I pass in cabins).
  17. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    I live in Las Vegas, the "City of Sin," and I am 100% proud of it. My college is far cheaper than the national average and all of the taxes are lower because rich Californians come here to get sexed and gamble. We have more casinos than anywhere else because there is demand. People want smut. People want sex. People want to let loose! And there is absolutely no problem with these things. I can tell you that most of the Las Vegasites I know are good and wholesome people. Heck, Mormons make up most of the Casino workers!!! I personally never go to the Casinos except to watch movies, and I have never gone to a prostitute, or even a strip club!!!

    What I'm getting at is that it's just business. There is a high demand for alcohol and sex and somebody somewhere is going to deliver. I'm proud that my city is smart enough to take advantage of the other cities that do not allow casinos and the like. We just get all of the money and I get a cheap education.

    I think the Czechs are smart to allow the same. It props up their economy and has taken advantage of the world wide demand. If I was Czech, and there were no pubs or casinos in my town, and tourists came through wanting such, I'd build one. I would then make $$$, the American dream of sorts, and my community would make more tax money. The whole area would benifit economically. Meanwhile, if the parents of the town cannot control their kids and explain to them what gambling or drinking is, then that is the inadaquacy of the parent. Here in Las Vegas, I know of 3 high schools a stones throw away from the Strip, and the kids turned out just like any other part of America. Believe it or not, one Christian school is right next to a strip club, but the school organizes in such a way to keep the club out of its daily routine. As for zoning laws, we use our Democratic process and vote zoning areas for commercial and residential. If one doesn't want a commercial area next to their house, they should pursuade the local populace to create a zoning law with the government. Other than that, criticism without action is only vasilating.

    CU, the Czechs I've met so far are often quite proud of the Czech Republic, and are not an oversexed immoral people. If growing up in such a sex ridden environment perverts them all, then why are the majority of Czechs such a sweet people??????? If you deny that they are a good people, then I really do question why you are in the slightest bit involved with the CR. I can feel all of the Czech posters in here biting their tongues when responding to your comments, and yet you just lament on about something new and improved about how awful their small nation is. How would you feel if people came into forums about your prized little part of the world and decided to poke at it haphazzardly?

    Here is a tip CU, concentrate on making more money so you can leave the CR (as you don't sound like a real happy person), and leave this column to more constructive criticism instead of your constant pessimism

    ^ someone had to say it.
  18. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Thank you, BMoody.
  19. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    CU, so now you're quoting some British guy who posted on Prague TV and call him "others"? I shouldn't be surprised, judging from your other posts and seeing how much you like to generalize. It looks like we may be on to discussing whether or not the majority of the Czech populace consists of gold diggers, prostitutes, pimps and pervs. I should start categorizing everyone I know. I guess those who don't fall into any of the categories must be our theist fellow citizens.

    I never said you were wrong in making such a statement. By the way, there is no right or wrong here - the way you put it makes it a subjective statement. If you ask me, there are far too many herna bars in Prague to my liking.

    Can you please quote those parts of my previous post where I'm "advocating the number of sex shops", "denying their existence" and "defending the practice as if it is only in an isolated area and not publicly viewable"? I don't remember saying any of those things. I did a quick count of the sex related establishments in the area where I live and I came up with three. I walk around this area every day and I see residential buildings, restaurants, shops, bakeries, banks, schools, parks... I don't notice any sex establishments besides those I mentioned. If I was stopped on the street by someone asking me where the closest sex shop was, I would send that person to one that's a 30-minute walk away. My point is, you are wrong when you say that "the sleaze affect is EVERYWHERE" and that Prague is filled with nothing but sex and gambling.

    Again, which part of my previous post made you conclude that I'm "overlooking these practices" and "defending the nation as one with only great architecture"? If you want to have a real discussion, it would be helpful if you actually read what I write without twisting it and putting words in my mouth.

    Yes, well, this thread is not called "The bad things in Prague" either. Yet, you don't seem to have hardly anything good to say about the city. Luckily, Wendy (if she ever came back) has received multiple perspectives from people here.

    Oh, I see, I'm alone. So I guess you, your wife, "one woman that has never visited here" (wow, we should all listen to her then!) and a British guy on Prague TV represent the entire population. Or have you heard from everyone besides me? Some of those who have posted here don't count, I know. They're not educated and old enough to matter.

    I give you credit for thinking about moving away from where you're currently living. I can't stand people who keep complaining but don't do anything to change the situation they're complaining about. I assume you and your wife have talked to the proper authorities about your feelings regarding the sex establishments in your immediate neighborhood. And I assume your wife votes.
  20. CU

    CU Member

    BMoody, I would never consider raising a child in sin city vegas. And the age of your children, 100%! Dont be a hypocrite, until you have children, dont comment on their cognition and what is best for them.

    If one doesn't want a commercial area next to their house, they should pursuade the local populace to create a zoning law with the government. read the thread again, there are no laws governing the establishment of a boy whore house, and since everyone is from Prague, yet no one seems to know where I live, I find it strange, it has been in the newpapers and tv for years. Do you really think our neighbors and I havent appealed to the board??!!!! Good God, we stage a sit in in front of this guys house! No laws, no breaking laws, simply math. Tell me moody, if your son was 13 and the boys walking in and out of this place were that age, how you would feel?
    The whole area would benefit economically I am pretty sure that the local drug dealer hands out funds to the neighbors to, making it a win win for all...and then there is morality!
    why are the majority of Czechs such a sweet people Know many in Vegas? Yes, the ones I associate with are, but that is a overgeneralization, which shows a lack of education. No one comment can surmise a whole population
    poke at it haphazzardly I have more experince at living here than anyone that has commented so far except dana and sova. These are empirical comments based on YEARS of , not a bulletin board, but concrete assimilation into their society, and my views have been backed up by articles and comments of others. I am not alone in these views (screw the Prague TV kid, I too have no respect for that site)

    column to more constructive criticism instead You mean like move to disney land cus it is all that? There is good and bad to all, yet as one poster stated, I only see you talking about what is good here, and never mention anything about the Global reputation the country has, it DOES have a bad side, but it seems like you all work in the tourism industry!

    Dana : and call him "others….he was an other, fact….granted an idiot, but is of the same opinion as I, H. potters mom, and all the CZECH written articles that I posted

    "denying their existence" and "defending the practice as if it is only in an isolated area and not publicly viewable"?
    The articles support my claims, NO ONE commented on them! The only ackowledment they recieved was, its not a good source! I guess the czech tourism industry is the only good source, eh?

    So I guess you, your wife, "one woman that has never visited here" (wow, we should all listen to her then
    You need to go back and read the thread again. My wife is Czech, the one woman was H. Potters mom….

    keep complaining but don't do anything to change: we are doing something, protesting, we both vote (silly question) and belong to a civic society of Czech nationals that are trying to get politicians to stop selling the country off to the highest slezziest bidder…and you? Your children are how old????? No kidding :}

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