Today's Bible Prophecy : Verichip (Mark of THE BEAST)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Animal, Dec 22, 2007.

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  2. The Animal

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    Here is a Bible passage that speaks about the (mark of the beast)
    Revelation (14)vrs9 A third angel followed them. Hsaid in a loud voice,'' Watch out, all you who worship the beast and his statue! Watch out, all of you who have his mark on your forehead or hand!(10) You, too, will drink the wine of God's great anger. His wine has been poured full strenght into the cupof his anger. You willbe burned with flaming sulfer. The holy angels and Lamb will see it happen. (11) The smoke of your terrible suffering will rise for ever and ever. Day and night, there is no rest for you who worship the beast and his statue. There is no rest for you who receive the mark of his name." (12) God's people need to be very patient. They are the ones who obey God's commandments. They remain faithful to Jesus. (13) Then I heard a voice from heaven. "Write this." it said. "Blessed are the dead who die as believers in the Lord from now on."
    "Yes," says the Holy Spirit. "They will rest from their labor. What they have done will not be forgotten."
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    It's the twilight zone.
  4. nmihaleff

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    This isn't the twilight zone many people are concerned at the obvious false flag ops carried out all over the world. These actions are driven by the global elite, whose only goal is to establish a new world order or a one world government. this chip or one like it is clearly spoke about in the Book of Revelations. Do not take tis chip, if not for the warnings in the Bible then consider that this chip is now connected with animal cancers.
  5. The Animal

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    nmihaleff said,
    Amen :!:
  6. eso

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    How can I become one of these elitish folks?
  7. nmihaleff

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    To the animal I can only write that once you find out what these global elite are all about you might reconsider your membership. They represent the top rich families of the world, also include many royals. So the invitation is either by birth or special invite to organisations like the skull & bones.

    Look up the Georgia Guidestones in google you can read some of the plans for mankind.

    Though the moves by the global elite to setup a new world order (one world Government) are an indicator that Jesus is also not that far (don't ask exactly how far as no man knows for sure) His return. So if you are looking at the elite spend some time to find out about Jesus

  8. czechchris

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    How do you know? What evidence do you have for such an assertion?

    Where? I have read the book of Revelation and see no clear reference to a microchip. The verses quoted by The Animal refer to a "mark" on the forehead or hand, not an implant. A mark on the forehead would be visible to all, not hidden as an implant. Ezekiel speaks of those "marked in the forehead" as being spared God's wrath, not the other way around.

    Ezek. 9:3-6
    Maybe there are different 'marks'; but I think that identifying a 'mark' as a microchip is unsafe exegesis at best, and utterly paranoiac at worst. Also, what is the 'beast and his statue' that we have to watch out for and avoid the worship of? This seems to be associated with the receiving of the 'mark'.
  9. nmihaleff

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    The critical parts of the verse are "receive the mark IN the right hand or the forehead" the verse indicates that the mark will be IN / under the skin.
    In Australia the 1987 Hawke led Government tried unsuccessfully to bring in the Australia card with legislation that would have been in place long before the mark came in but that legislation fulfills that Revelations verse where it says "lest you have the mark you will not be able to buy or sell"

    Here is a link to that legislation

    The ID card in any or all nations will be the vehicle to bring in that legislation. Whether it occurs in twenty years or now all the pieces are lining up , whether people believe now or reject it until later at least I believe I have given a seed that will sit and germinate in due season.

    The season is coming, the NWO is only starting to gain a large foothold or at least one that is becoming more visible by the day.
  10. nmihaleff

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    This scripture speaks about God's mark for the remnant living in the last days in Jerusalem when the endtimes unfold, after the third temple is built.

    The devil is always creating counterfiets, God's mark he copies and gives mankind the mark of the beast. God's mark is for the protection of man but the beast's mark is purely for control and destruction of mankind.
  11. czechchris

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    The quote that the Animal gave said "on".
    The NIV says: "A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand,".

    This could end up as a discussion of mere words, different translations, etc., a dangerous area according to 1 Tim 6:4.

    This appears not to be in the near future, then, as the temple mount is dominated by the Islamic mosque - I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future.
  12. nmihaleff

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    Yes it is dangerous area regarding translation but you need to look at the translations closest to the root Greek and the King James is the one I follow and it says clearly "in" not "on".

    The temple mount being temporarily occupied by the Dome on The Rock is a detail that God Himself will sort out

    Search out the Strongs Concordance for root meanings as no one single translation is absolutely true to the original text. The other issue is that you won't be able to buy or sell if you don't have the mark.

    Check the URL for the Australia card 1987 and ask yourself why does an ID card need such legislation? After all an ID card is to do what, establish you are who you are.
  13. czechchris

    czechchris Well-Known Member

    That is a shame, as the King James is the one translation I would choose as the most INaccurate of all.
    Both Westcott and Hort's and Nestle's Greek text use the word transliterated "epi" (sorry but I find I cannot type Greek letters into this response without installing a Greek alphabet on my keyboard) which means "on" or "upon", and not "en" which means "in". Strong's lexicon shows three uses of epi: HERE but none of them are "in". The difficulty comes in that the KJV translates epi as "on" 196 times, "in" 120 times, "upon" 156 times. "unto" 41 times, "to" 41 times and 339 times in other ways! This inconsistency can cause many problems.
  14. nmihaleff

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    Merry Christmas czechchris, yes as you rightly said translational differences create problems but I look around at surrounding scripture IE as I said before the key to unlock the shadows that are coming is "that no man may buy or sell lest he has the mark".

    In todays world we see Governments orchestrating problem themselves to allow greater power to be enacted, so an external mark would be easily cheated and this event has not been known to have happened anywhere in history which I have read.

    I guess I just want to warn people not to take the mark or they will become unwitting captives in a control grid that god Himself has warned about.

    Regarding the third temple there is a devoted group of religious Jews who observe the old ways who have prepared over a hundred artifacts and tools for the rebouilt temple.
  15. czechchris

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    nmihaleff, I can understand your concern for people becoming unwitting victims of something you perceive as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but I would ask further questions, if you don't mind.

    If the chip you refer to is fulfilling the prophecy of the 'mark of the beast', what then do you believe is fulfilling the part of the 'beast' and what is the 'image' or 'statue'?

  16. nmihaleff

    nmihaleff Member

    Hello Chris, this is an area that becomes more unclear in trying to decypher who or what the beast is but some translation like the KJV & NIV adopt the beast as meaning a man but yet other translations and commentators claim that the grammatical indicators for the beast in revelations 13 is one of neutral gender suggesting that this is a possible political system or government. Yet another suggests that this neutral gender beast is a massive computer system not quite sure how they arrive at that one though they maybe attempting to deal with the the number 666 and or word image!

    As you are obviously already well aware the interpretation of the beast has many facets some suggesting a male gender yet the one in chapter 13 has no gender, this fact has led some commentators to entertain the idea that the beast has some unholy trinity with three separate parts (copy of the Holy Trinity).

    As I said this one is difficult but that very difficulty makes me want to monitor the current world events for the fingerprints of the devil's system coming into focus.

    Sorry if I haven't been able to answer your question with a diffinitive answer but this is currently still covered by the Hand of God for the season but all will be revealed at His chosen time.



    Empire or superpower.

    Out of the sea
    A nation comprised of peoples with diverse cultural and ethnic background.

    Numeral ten
    Denotes all encompassing, order and completeness.

    Nations with significant power, authority and influence, but not a superpower.

    Numeral seven
    Complete or full.

    Refers to leadership.

    Crowns or diadem
    A distinct mark of royalty or governmental political control.

    Ten crowns on his horns
    Political control is maintained by the government of each nation, even though it is heavily influenced by the beast.

    To injure one's reputation; to use the name of God irreverently for an unholy purpose.

    Each head a blasphemous name
    Each area of leadership of the beast misuses the sacred name of God

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