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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by JB, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Hi, can anyone give me some more information on trains from Prague to Frankfurt than I aleady know. We are a group of 5 heading to Frankfurt on Jan 2nd. I know there's an overnighter but are there other services too? Should I book ahead? What about couchettes for sleeping? Can we reserve these or just take a chance and turn up hoping for the same cabin for the 5 of us?
    Many thanks, JB :)
  2. metric

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    I've taken this train only in the other direction: from Frankfurt to Prague. This I have done two times, one was a good experience, the other not so good. Both times I was travelling alone and reserved a space in a couchette car. The bad experience was caused by the train being almost entirely filled with students who had no interest in sleeping, only in drinking and making lots of noise. That was no fun.

    If there are five of you, you should be able to 'take command' of your compartment and make it as peaceful (or as exuberant) as you wish.

    I think you must make a reservation to use the couchettes.

    I must say that it feels very good for me to take this train, rising just after the passport control, standing in the corridor with the window open watching the sun rise over the Czech countryside. Wonderful sights and smells.

    I think going the other way, from Prague to Frankfurt, would not be so exciting for me.
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    I made that trip in May. There were two of us, and we got a first class compartment. Fun, but pricey. It's rather a short night, if you are planning on getting sleep. With 5, you could reserve couchettes and take over a compartment, as suggested. I booked all of my reservations on -- they would not give me an online ticket, but they were able to mail tickets to a relative in Germany. I think they could probably handle posting it to Ireland. This was a *lot* cheaper than buying the ticket in the US!
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    Hi! I'm planning on a trip from Prague to Frankfurt on Apr.25. We are a group of 3. I'm wondering how do you book your couchettes? Is there any website for us to book the tickets and couchettes compartment? Thank you very much!, Dodo :wink:
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    Go to: ... ests.shtml

    Type in Prague as you origin and Frankfurt as destination.
  6. Dodo10

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    Thank you!

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