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    I have a colleague that has really touched me by being so nice.Her name is Darina and she is really someone that I care about so I just would to tell her how important she is to me.I have tried to translate with online translator but it was really bad, she didn't understand a word so I am just wondering if you could help ;-)

    What I would like to translate is :
    "Thanks for having been so nice to me.You have a good heart and you don't know how important you are to me.I don't know you for a long time but you touched me and I will be here for you forever"

    Many thanks for translating this - i need to tell her this , this is so important to me

    Hezki Vecer

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    "Chci vám poděkovat na to že jste na mě tak hodná. Máte dobré srdce a chci abyste věděla jak moc si vážím našeho přátelství. ???"

    I have been using the formal form of address. I think that it is appropriate if you don't know each other that long. Czech's are much more formal people than Americans.
    The last sentence is complex and I left it out for now. It should not be translated literally. Are you sure you want to say all of that in one sentence? If you just want to say that she can rely on you, say: " Múžete na mě vždycky spoléhat." This is a concrete idea that she will understand.

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