Try Poland :)...zkuste Polsko :-)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Johanka_z_arcu, May 17, 2004.

  1. Johanka_z_arcu

    Johanka_z_arcu New Member

    As you could guess, I'm from Poland, from a smalll city Toruń, yesterday I had my 21st birthday :)))
    My name is Marta (but I like, prefer Johanka :))), I'm studying at University of Torun Czech Philology. In free time I talk with Cechs, play with them piškvorky and learn of course beautiful czech language :)
    This would be all for introduction, everything will see the daylight at discussion, že? :)

    Zdravim, Johanka
  2. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    To je zivot, ze jo? Vitam te na forum.
  3. adder

    adder Active Member

    Hi Johanka!
    I'm from Poland too. It's nice to meet you :). Unfortunately, the notch of my Czech is really low, I'm just starting or I haven't even started yet.
  4. vivaroztoky

    vivaroztoky New Member

    Hi Johanka or is it Marta?
    I see you are from Torun, isn't that the lignite minig area in SW of Poland.
    I have visited there a few times with my job as mining engineer. I am UK citizen, but remember well, my visits there.
    The people their were very hospitable and I have good memories of Torun.
    I also travelled a lot to Czech, and over the years fell in love with the country. So much so, my wife and I have bought a house there, and plan to relocate in September.
    Although we don't speak any Czech ( or Polish) as yet, we are keen to learn.
    Hope your studies go ok and for now Gin dobri , or is it Nazdravee?
  5. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Czesc Johanka z Arcu (Joan of Arc? :eek: )

    Welcome to the boards! It's nice to see someone from Poland here :)
    Beautiful country really, I was in a small town near Krakow a few times and I really liked it there. Then the road from Poland lead me to the Czech Republic and Prague :) I am really curious about the relationships among the people of these two bordering countries, both Slavic but with a different history... I have been learning Czech but I like Polish so much as well :)
    Rog, "Dzień Dobry" means "Good day' in Polish while "Na zdraví" is Czech and it means "To health" :) and it is what people usually say when toasting.

    Dowidzenia! :)

  6. Johanka_z_arcu

    Johanka_z_arcu New Member

    Hi everyone, it's really nice to read such nice posts :)
    Sova - jooo, to je zivot :)
    adder - another Pole, how nice :))) We can learn together thi beautiful language at this board :)
    vivaroztoky - I don' think so, Toruń is in north of the country (near Bydgoszcz)
    Lorenzo - I don't know much about relations beetween our countries, I've meet lots of Czechs, but they are mostly young and veeery nice, so I don't feel any negative reactions, but I probably will be able to write more about this when I'll be back from monthly holidays in Prague at July this year :)

    Personally, I'm very surprised, that my country interested so many people ;-) But I will be trying to explain all matters :)

    Ps. Na zdravi is of course czech, but polish version sounds (and looks ;-)) qiute similar, and it would be very helpful, to know this word being in Poland :)'s NA ZDROWIE :)
  7. adder

    adder Active Member

    Well, I wouldn't say that Toruń is a small city, though smaller than my Lublin. I hope to learn here how to speak Czech better too. :)

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