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    I've joined a group that holds monthly 'sing-songs' in a Zizkov pub. Just a guitar and electric double bass but a lively group of enthusiastic singers, enjoying what are obviously songs that all Czechs know off by heart. They are simple melodies, with easy refrains, and if I had the words written down, even with my embryonic Czech, I would be able to have a stab at singing them.

    I've only been once and so I can't even remember the titles of the songs. Next time, I'll write them down but before I go again, I would like to see if I can learn one or two and surprise my new Czech friends.

    I've just learned "Namest" at my Czech class and I think that was one of the songs we sang. The organisers are in their fifties so I should think that there were a fair few protest songs.

    Has anyone any suggestions? Just the titles would do and I could trawl the web for the words or perhaps see if I can find a book of them in a music shop.
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    I remember listening to Nemelem, nemelem song as I was growing up here in the States. Very dobrě song, it has been around for along time.

    To me, Nemelem, nemelem is a favorite Polka song here. Brings back good memories. :wink: :wink:
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    I'm glad you enjoyed them!

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