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  1. Eva2

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    Much has been said about Czech food, but none of this includes a mention of venison. Why stick only with the ordinary fare of svickova, roast pork or gulash? Many restaurant menus include tasty venison dishes.

    You can order "Srnci na smetane s brusinkovym tercem" (deer roast in cream sauce with cranberries), "Zverinovy gulas na jalovci" (venison stew with junipers), "Divocak se sipkovou omackou" (leg of boar with hip sauce) and all sorts of grilled meat such as hare (zajic), pheasant (bazant) or quail (krepelka).

    When I visit CR, I always order these dishes because venison is seldom sold in Canada. Basically, if you want to eat it, you have to kill it. So, fellow Canadians and other visitors, seize the opportunity!

  2. brigitte

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    Venison is sold in the UK in some supermarkets. (I think I've seen it in Waitrose) Quite a strong taste. I've bought venison sausages, burgers allsorts! I'm not sure I prefer it to other meats - pork and lamb are my favourites - but it is worth trying it for hose that haven't. My partner and I once went to a large country show, and there was a food tent. There were venison steaks and sausages there. Also there was wild boar meat in sausage and burger form, plus ostrich and crocodile meat! I'll try anything - apart from sheeps eyes, witchety grubs and bugs!! I couldn't kill anything to eat it though - no way!!
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    I shall be in Prague from Sunday and I have a visit to U Tri Pstosu planned and thier ostrich livers are amazing and so is the roast leg of wild boar!
  4. brigitte

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    I never tried the boar! Because the meat was so dear I only bought the venison. They had samples of venison sausages already cooked, but none of the boar. Possibly I may try kangaroo meat in Walkabout (Aussie pub) nearer Christmas, I've been wanting to for ages, but not got round to it!
  5. Eva2

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    forget about venison sausages. We are talking about marinated roasted meat with luscious sauces. That's the real thing! :wink:
  6. brigitte

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    Thanks Eva!! :lol: I will have to wait until the local produce market arrives in town, they sell the actual meat! It would be nice to try it.


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