Walking Tours in Prague - Can you recommend a tour company?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by schutnitza, May 3, 2005.

  1. schutnitza

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    I was looking on the internet and there are all kinds of companies that offer different walking tours around Prague. I just got lost in all this information.

    What tour companies did you use and how was the experience? Could you recommend any?

    Appreciate all your help!
  2. i was given a free walking tour when booking my holiday, we met at the large statue ,wenceslas squaure at 9.30 am ,, look for the girl with the large yellow umbrella. one can buy a ticket from her,, i would highly recommend the tour , very informative,, our free tour only lasted 2 hours and finished at the charles bridge, but others had booked the 4 hour walking tour that included a castle visit.the guide speaks excellent english and was very informative of the political as well as cultural history.it encouraged us to visit further the Jewish quarter at our liesure,, i hope this is helpful,with best wishes from Sctland
  3. JednaPusu

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    You do not need a tour guide, get a tour book and explore!!! That is much more fun! And you are on your own schedule, can stop when and where you want, and won't be packed into a crowd everywhere you go. Prague is VERY walkable!
  4. eyesmax

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    thank you andrew, the scot and JednaPusu

    You helped me too. I was thinking about that.

  5. schutnitza

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    Just returned from the trip to Prague and Budapest a couple of days ago.

    Andrew, thank you very much for your advise. We found that tour guide under the yellow umbrella and the 4 hour "Insider Tour" that we bought was just great! It is so informative and takes you to the main places of Prague - we would never be able to get such a good overview of the city even with a good tour book. The best thing about the tour is that if you have a very limited amount of time to spend in the city, this tour gives you a perfect overview and from there you can explore on your own. We had only three days in Prague. The first day we did this "Insider Tour" and the other two days we went back to the places we wanted to explore more in depth. I would recommend this tour guide company to everyone!!! The only thing is that you have to be ready to walk for 4 hours straight. There is a little 20 minute break for snaks and coffee, but if you are not ready to walk that much it can be difficult. We didn't have a problem with walking so much, but it does wear you out... :)

    The name of our tour guide was Barbara and she spoke perfect English and was super nice and answered all our questions!!!

    Compliments to the Yellow Umbrella Tours!!! :)

    I have their website address at home and I will post it here later.

    We also took a Pub Tour from the same company and were very pleased with it also. I highly highly recommend, especially for young party people. Ivan was our tour guide for this one.

    I wish we had more time to take more of their tours because they all sound interesting and I wish we had more time in Prague. I am determined to go back some day and explore it more.

  6. loveinprague

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    hi schutnitza

    thanks for your advice :)

    it will be most grateful if you post their website address here.

    loveinprague :p
  7. schutnitza

    schutnitza Active Member

    Yellow umbrella tours website:


    Recommend an insider tour and the pub tour. Didn't do any of the other ones, but I am sure they are great too.

  8. loveinprague

    loveinprague Member

    nice one :p :p :p

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