Wanasek/Piskac Birthplace location

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    I have the addresses of the birthplaces of GGGrandparents in Czechoslovakia, but cannot find them on a modern map. Can anyone help me? What part is the city, what part the region?

    Joseph Wanasek born Feb 13, 1844
    Luzi No. 72, V Cechach
    (Parents Frank and Anna Wanasek)

    Katerina Piskac Wanasek born April 12, 1846
    Hlizov Grunte V Kutny Hore Okres-Caslava
    (Parents Vaclav and Barbara Piskac)
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    "V Čechách" means "in Bohemia"

    I'm not sure what's "Luzi" - maybe "Luže".

    Try to write it with diacritics, please.
    Hlízov is village nearby Kutná Hora, formerly in district Čáslav.

    The word "Grunte" is German. It means estate, manor or farm. I think it refers to castle in Hlízov.
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    Thank you so much for the information! This weekend we also re-discovered a picture of our ggggrandmother who was the ancestor we think was born on this estate. We have an aquaintance who may be able to translate this website for us. Thanks again.


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