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    Dobry den,

    Je mi lito, ale nemám velky nebo dobre slovnik.


    Vystavni katalogy:

    Adlerová, Alena. “Adolf Matura” Teplice b.d

    Myslim, nakladatelstvi byl Sklo Union Teplice, tak,

    “Jiri Brabec”, Teplice, b.d.

    “Rudolf Jurnikl”, Teplice b.d.

    “Pavel Pánek”, Teplice b.d.

    “František Pečeny” Teplice b.d.

    “Vratislav Šotola” Teplice b.d.

    “Vaclav Zajic” Teplice b.d.

    Myslim, roky uprostred 1979 a 1985

    Sklo Union “Z ohne a potu” Teplice 1974

    Šotola, Vratislav, OBAS Sklo Union Teplice, “Rudolf Jurnikl”, b.m b.d.

    Klivar, Miroslav. “Vaclav Hanus –Sklo” Jablonec nad Nisou 1987 MSB Jablonec naklad?

    Jaky productovi katalogy vyrobky Sklárny Inwald uprostred 1940 a 1965,

    jaky productovi katalogy vyrobky Sklo Union Teplice o.p./k.p 1965-1992


    Kotšmid, František, Vyroba Lisováne Sklo, Praha, 1957

    Děkuju vám,

    French based writer seeks exhibition catalogues. Any catalogues of glass designers, from 1945 to date, or trade catalogues for any Czech glass company from the same period. See titles above, but any other items considered.

    Please PM me, with any material you wish to offer for sale.


    Le Casson

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