when is it winter in cz?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by nuwan, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. nuwan

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    hi all [​IMG]

    learning czech is hard for me, its fun though, as i can speak a few works.
    Jsem anglican, jsem student. [​IMG] and simple things like that. It slightly easier when you hear the words, which is why i ordered an audio tape.

    @Lucinka thanks for the offer, that is very very very kind of you, and i let you know when i need some help, and let me know when you need help in english.
  2. Ani

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    Hi! Lucinko, of course I'll help you with your Maltese:) This is the official website of the czech consulate in Malta, and once you enter the site, click on Czech Cultural Week and you will find all information about what's happening next week:)

    Nuwan: Ja se ucim cesky osmnact mesicu, ale uz nemluvim moc:-( You're lucky that you are in a situation where you can hear the language all the time.. Keep at it, it's a beautiful language!
  3. Lucinka

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    Ani,kin int??Please could you write me here Lucinkah7@hotmail.com i think it will be better for conversation.Have you already seen some czech movie??
    Nuwan-ok,just let me know.....even we can meet...
  4. nuwan

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