Where to Visit in Brno?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by chewjoel, Feb 3, 2006.

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    I'm new in Brno and just wondering anybody have any idea which place is among the MUST-VISIT-list?

  2. brook

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    Some of the more typical touristy things which I enjoyed while living there:

    Spilberk castle (of course!) - spend a few crowns (50kc maybe? I forget...) and tour the kasematy. The castle was used as a prison at one time. They offer a tour in English, or you can explore them on your own. I did both and the guy who gave the tour in English was very kind and informative.

    Kapucin monastery - Ooo...mummified bodies. Fascinating, but humbling...

    Austerlitz / Slavkov - battlesite just a few minutes outside of Brno, but you must have a car or take the bus to get there.

    Katedrala sv. Petra a Pavla (Petrov) - if imprisonment and death aren't your thing, check out this beautiful cathedral (you can't miss it :p )

    When you're done, walk down to Ceska street and have beer and a czech meal at Stopkova or Pegasus just around the corner on Jakubska.

    For other interesting places go to the Brno city website (they offer an english language version): http://www.brno.cz/ Under "Information on the city" you will find links to maps, points of interests, restaurants, etc.

    Have fun!
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  4. MorpheusWan

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    Punkevni cave is a must-visit place. It's magnificent and won't disappoint you!
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    Speaking of caves, you must try the descent to Rudicke Propadani - a partially flooded several kilometers long cave system, for 850 crowns you'll go through a crash-course in speleology, you'll be lent some heavy-duty outdoor gear and an experienced instructor will take you underground - see http://www.speleorudice.cz/Speleorudice2.html (the only part of the website that is in english - you'll likely have to get someone to arrange everything for you). One last warning, it's definitely not suitable for people with claustrophobia.
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    Oooo...I wish I had done that! I got to peak into some caves while hiking through Mariánské údolí in the Líšeň area of Brno. It was fairly easy to get to - we took the bus, though my czech friend arranged it, so I'm afraid I don't remember which bus exactly...
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    fabik317: Any additional information of these caves?

    I'll be in the 'neighborhood' around the 15th and I would LOVE to check that out!

    This could be a nice stop during our 'Praha-Bratislava' train ride... :D

    What are the times, how to get there, any shop in Brno to get more info? etc.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi, this is taken off the site i posted above:

    Roman Šebela
    Rudice 266
    679 06 Jedovnice

    cell phone: +420 721 900 970
    e-mail: roman.sebela@seznam.cz

    the village of Rudice is located approx. 15miles north-northeast from Brno and the speleo-course is based entirely in Rudice - you'll have to phone or email mr. Sebela to reserve a date for your excursion (be sure to have an interpreter "at hand" for it's quite possible he doesn't speak any english).

    As for the journey there you'll be best off taking a train to Blansko and then a bus to Rudice (hitchhiking is an option too (you can even walk from Blansko to Rudice - it can't take longer than 2 hours i'd guess)) search www.idos.cz for the train and bus times - the link to the english version of the site is in the bottom right corner of the main page.

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