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    Souhlasil jsem s nim
    dohodl jsem se s nim

    Do they both mean - I agreed with him?
    Is dohodnout se more like - to come to an greement and souhlasit just to agree?

    Could somebody define 'hovorit' for me please?
    I have problems with using the following words, I'll give you my understanding of each word -

    Hovorit/pohovorit - to speak (about something special??)
    povidat/povedet - to chat
    vypravovat/vypravet - to tell a tale/recite
    vykladat/vylozit - to explain/to get something off your chest
    bavit se - to chat

    Also some other words that I mentioned before, what is the difference? -
    klusat,cvalat - to trot
    obejmout,mazlit se,svirat
    odmitnout,vzpouzet se

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    I agree with your interpretation of the difference between souhlasit and dohodnout se.

    (Po)hovořit means to talk about something.

    povídat, povědět means to say. (Po)povídat si, however, means to chat.

    vypravovat, vyprávět means to narrate or relate, but can also mean to just talk.

    vykládat and vyložit are literally "lay something out" or "unload" although both, and especially the first, can mean explain or narrate. Imagine the English sentence "Let me lay out the situation for you."

    Bavit se means to enjoy oneself, but can also mean to chat, usually s někým or o něcěm.

    klusat is trot, cválat is gallop. It's a big difference if you're on the horse in question. :)

    obejmout is hug. Mazlit se is cuddle. Svírat is grip, hold, or clench.

    odmítnout is reject, refuse. Vzpouzet se is rebel or resist, and can also be used of a horse.

    Maybe it's time to get a good Czech dictionary?
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