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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by SMZ, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. SMZ

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    Not sure if this is true... But I was told that in order to stay in the CR longer than 90 days, OR to work there, I would need to get a "special" visa from the Czech Embassy. (I'm a US citizen.)

    I would probably be teaching as an adjunct (part-time) professor at a university in the CR, but want to understand the red tape that may accompany this and be sure that I start the paperwork in plenty of time to get everything taken care of before I leave for the CR.

    I'm thinking of going next January or February (2006), so it's not urgent, but I understand it can be a time-consuming process.

    Any assistance appreciated!
  2. KJP

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    Prague College?

    It is the law, but not enforced. You need to be sponsored by your employer, it can be started from here, but you must leave the country to obtain it (a one day trip to Slovakia is enough). You can't just say that you want to stay longer, it doesn't constitute reason. If it is Prague College that you will teach at, they should be doing this for you, but be aware, for a new school, the have a high turnover rate!

    Toto too? :}
  3. SMZ

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    Unfortunately, Toto will stay at home in Kansas. :-(

    I will have some assistance from the institution (Charles University) to handle paperwork, but I want to understand the procedure myself to avoid surprises. And, because I'd only be teaching for one semester (then returning to Kansas by clicking my ruby slippers together), my guess is that it won't be any big deal.



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