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    anyone want to stay for a week in CZ, help to preserve a valuable historic jewish cemetery? This event takes place from 21/7 to 04/8 in Holesov - and it will be led by me :D It's a voluntary service, we well be in a group of 10 young people from all over the world.

    more info here:

    SDA 210 HOLESOV 21/07-04/08 CULT/RENO VOLS 8+2 Location: Small Moravian town Holesov with pre-war huge Jewish community destroyed during WWII. Work: Within former Jewish cemetery, removing of invasive plants and bushes, cleaning of the spot, help with technical preparation of the festival of Jewish culture in Holesov. Board and accommodation: In an old smith house in Holesov, sleeping bag and light mat necessary. Cooking partly together from common sources, partly meals ready. Seminars: Debates with Jewish community members, prospects of current Jewish culture and community. Note: Project is realised in co-operation with Federation of Jewish Communities of CR. Volunteers interested in the Jewish culture issue welcomed. You can find more info on English page

    And if you want to participate in another project, here is a link to INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities, where you can find more info
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    Well I went to both those websites, but I was unable to find much information in English. For instance, what is the cost to volunteer. Is there a cost for the seminars, you say cooking is partly together and partly prepare. Does that mean we would purchase our own food and cook it there, or there is one initial cost that includes food and lodging in this old smith house. What is the age limit? How many hours a day would we be volunteering and how much free time would we have. Is there a community bathroom/shower room or would be have privacy to shower? Is there private sleeping rooms or would we all be sleeping/dressing in one big room. I'm not really sure what an "old smith house" is.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Accommodation: We will be accommodated in a small house, which is called „Smithy“. There is a small kitchen with fridge, micro-wave and electric pot; communal room; two toilets and one shower. It was proved that it’s not enough, so there’s a possibility to take shower in close sport centre. On the first floor of Smithy there are two sleeping-rooms, where we will sleep on beds with mattresses. But still, you need some kind of a sleeping bag and maybe a pillow. The house is situated close to the chateau, in a calm area not far from the Jewish cemetery.

    Food will be provided for us in the local restaurant (about 10 minutes of walk) three times a day, so we will not have to cook ourselves.

    We should work about six hours a day (starting at 9:00 AM), five days a week.

    I can post some pictures of the accomodation, if you want them :)

    Here's how you can apply for the camp, it's code is CZ-INE-11-210

    There's no real age limit

    The U.S. Volunteer site says:
    Volunteers must be willing to live, work and cook together with idealists from other backgrounds and cultures. The program application fee is only $80 for US work camps and $195 for overseas workcamps.

    /edit: oh, and the seminars are free

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