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Discussion in 'General Language' started by gypzy, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I have only started learning Czech for 2 weeks. I thought a good way for me to pick up on the language would be to put post-it notes on everyday household items. I saw something similar in the in the movie "The Color Purple", starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. Whoopi's character was illiterate and her sister posted notes in the house to be able to read. I feel if I was to be able to see what things are in Czech I might pick up on things subconsously. So if someone could tell me what the translations of household items are that would be great. My translation dictionary doesn't have all the words I'm looking for.

    I have a house w/ front porch, living room, master bedroom*, room that is a combination sewing/guest room, bathroom, kitchen, kitchen cupboards, laundry room, storage/furnace room, normal furniture, dishes in the cupboards and regular appliances.

    How would I say, for example, plate cupboard?
    *If a woman lives by herself is the main bedroom still a master bedroom or does it have another name in Czech?

    Thanxs in advance, By 4 Now
  2. Ruzete

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    Hi, I hope these words can help! If not i'm sorry I have no accents but I'll write how to pronounce them for a English speaker.
    aquarium-to akvarium- (ahk-vaa-ri-yum)
    basket- tah kosik- (ko-sheek)
    bed-ta postel-(tah pos-tel)
    book-tah kniha- (tah kny-hah)
    bowl- ta misa-(tah mee-sah)
    camera-tah fotoaparat- (tah fo-to-ah-pah-rat)
    candle-ta svicka- (tah sveech-kah)
    carpet-ten koberec- (ten koberets)
    chair-ta zidle- (tah zhid-le)
    comforter-ta perina- (tah per-rzhi-nah)
    curtain-ta zaclona- (tah zaats-lo-naj)
    desk-ten psaci stul- (tan psah-tsee stool)
    flashlight-ta batrka-(tah bah-ter-kah)
    fork-ta vilicka-(tah vid-lich-kah)
    furniture-ten nabytek- (ten vaa-bi-tek)
    frame- ten ram-(ten raam)
    glass(cup-ta skelnice-(tah skle-nyi-tse)
    house-ten dum- (ten doom)
    iron- ta zehlicka-(tah zhe-hlish-kah)
    knife- ten nuz- (ten noozh)
    ladder-ten zebrik- (ten zheb-rzheek)
    lamp- ta lampa- (ta lahm-pah)
    magazine- ta casopis-(chap-so-pis)
    mirror-to zrcadlo-(tah zratsah-dlo)
    pillow-ten postar-(ten pol-shtaarch)
    pitcher-ten dzbad-(ten dzh-baan)
    plate-ten talir- (ten tah-leerzh)
    pot- ten hrnec-(ten hr-nets)
    radio-to radio-(to raa-di-yo)
    refridgerator-ta lednicka-(tah lednyich-kah)
    shower-ta sprcka-(tah spr-kha)
    sofa-ta pohovka-(ta po-hov-kah)
    spoon-ta lzice-(tah lzhee-tse)
    stairs-ty schody-(ti skho-di)
    table-ten stul-(ten stool)
    teapot-ten cajnik- (ten chay-nyeek)
    tv- ta televize- (tah te-le-vi-ze)
    toaster- ten opekac topinek-(ten o-pe-kahch- to-pi-nek)
    towel-ten rucnik-(ten ruch-nyeek)
    tray-ten tac-(ten taats)
    vase-ta vaza-(ta vaa-zah)
    window-to okno-(to okno)

    if u need ne thing else... :D
  3. Kanadanka

    Kanadanka Well-Known Member

    that's a great list, except some of the "genders" are wrong
    TEN kosik (basket)
    TEN fotoaparat (camera)
    TEN casopis (magazine)

    Baterka (battery)
    Vidlicka (fork)
    Ten Hrnek (or hrnicek) (cup)
    Polstar (pillow)
    dzban (pitcher)
    sprcha (shower)

    re: master bedroom - we call it "hlavni loznice" (main bedroom), so the lack of a "master" won't affect it :)
  4. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    Sorry :oops: I was in kind of a rush, and I am a beginner as well!
  5. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Ruzete a Kanadanka,

    Thank for your input. I have printed these out and will put them on sticky-notes. I think it is all I need. If not I will let you know the specifics.
    How would I describe things for my Kocky? (Is that how to say cat in plural form?) Like toy basket, bed, food, food dishes, treats.

    Dekuji moc :D !
  6. Kanadanka

    Kanadanka Well-Known Member

    Moje or me kocky
    pelisek (peh-lea-sheck) is a sleeping area for pets (something like "little den")
    I have two kitties as well, and I call their treats "bonbonky" (candies) or
    kocici bonbonky (kitty-candies)
    misticka (little bowl)
    my mom calls the crunchy food "chroustysky (khrow-stees-key)
    or "papani" (baby name for food) (pah-pah-nee - with the "n" being palatalized)
  7. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Kanadanka!

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner :oops: . Thank you 4 the cocici info. Now if I could only stick post-it notes notes to me kocky :mrgreen: ,lol! Whenever I try to say something in Czech to me kocky they just look at me like i've up and gone crazy. Wait a minute, they do that when I talk in English :lol: . I think that's the international feline language :mrgreen: , to be stuck up and play deaf and dumb.

    Dekuji moc :D !

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