Anti-Americanism based on misconceptions?

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Postby BMoody » 21-Sep-08 1:42

They still stood there. :-]
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Postby MK » 21-Sep-08 1:55

BMoody wrote:They still stood there. :-]

Anyway we are moving off topic. The US radar matter has nothing in common with antiamericanism. Majority of Czechs just dooes not wish any foreign soldiers stationed in CZ.
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Postby wer » 21-Sep-08 18:52

BMoody wrote:The US helped Iraq fight Russia supported Iran.

No, the US helped the secular Iraq fight the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Russia formally stayed neutral, but in fact it sided with the socialistic Iraq.

Basically, these two incidents need to be viewed with the shadow of the Cold War deeply considered. Sometimes, I think European politicians have a smaller short term historical memory than the American public servants.

I think it is the other way. ;-) The American understanding of history is simplicistic and often based on impressions instead of facts. It's similar with the West Europeans, just the impressions are different.

For instance, I just read that some US soldiers will be allowed to gaurd the Czech radar while it is being built. These soldiers were the same solders that stood outside Berlin telling the Soviets to go no further, yet they will surely be recieved badly in the Czech Republic even though the radar will give collective NATO security.

The history learned us not to play with feelings this way. The Soviet soldiers who invaded us in 1968 were the same who liberated us in 1945, the US soldiers that stood outside Berlin were the same soldiers who stayed in Pilsen in 1945 not helping the uprising in Prague.

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