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    Just watched this Czech movie with my Hungarian wife. We loved it! Does anybody know a website where you can download or watch Czech movies? This site is not bad: http://www.veoh.com/ it's better then Youtube. There is no size limit, so you can upload or download whole movies or tv shows.
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    If you are interested to see other czech movies, I recomend "Tmavomodrý svět" (english title "Dark Blue World"). I would say the best czech movie in last 20 years. DVD does contain english and czech subtitles, movie itself is partly czech and partly english.
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    Yes!! Tmavomodrý svět is allowed to be one of the best Czech films ever. I strongly recommend! 8)

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    This movie was released aprox. two months before Pearl Harbor and it has a little bit similar plot. I always say Hollywood stole some ideas ;-)

    But budget is cca 15 times lower :)
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