3 friends 9-11/11 in Brno:looking for tips,clubs etc...

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by orlandoilfurioso, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Ahoj!:D
    I'll be in Brno the second week-end of November,me and 2 friends early 30's;never been there,just looking for some tip about nightlife,what we could see,where to go..we're italians,so you can write me back in italian as well..
    no nights addresses pls..we're not interested in such a things..
    thx for your help and your attention..
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    Charlies is in Koblizna st., I think. In Masarykova, I recall Zelená kočka (Green cat).
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    Yes, thank you, Halef. I know it only as names. Ragazzi, fidatevi delle info di Halef.
  5. thx you guys..hoping to don't find too many italians..
  6. ahoj..thx for the tips..just wanna say something about my trip..definitely positive,we had lot of fun,specially because i was with the right company..about people met in brno:not a good average of english speaking people,generally quite smiling,some problems with drunk guys in some club,i think just because they've been drunk,and maybe remembering some italian stupid people been here before..charlie's hat:it's not my cup of tea..but wednesday was very nice(too much smoke,which i just hate...,unfortunately everyone smokes a lot in czech rep,am i wrong?),about tabarin:not for me..kind of girls i don't like..mandarin:amazing,just amazing..people,music..thursday and sunday night:desert..something particular:i had to buy screwdrivers and scissor to change my electrical-plugs to recharge my mobiles..couldn't find anywhere adapters..
    and well..outstanding girls..i wonder why miss world is from czech rep....
    guys much better than russian countries,fashion,clothes,look..but it's just my personal taste..nothing against guys from russian countries.. :D
    i've got already another ticket for czech rep...bye
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    Orlando, solo una nota: da noi il lunedi si lavora, percio la gente non passa la notte di domenica bevendo. Secondo me e abbastanza logico.

    E NO, non tutti fumano. Tra una cinquantina di miei amici e conoscenti appena 5 fumano. Se vai ai posti come Tabarin ovviamente ti sembra cosi.
  8. hi Alena,about sunday evening..it's like that everywhere in the world..people works every monday..and i'm the first to relax at home(watching football)..but my sentence wasn't negative..it's just the way it is..that's it..and on top of that i do not smoke at all(and i don't drink),maybe that's why even one cigarette on for me is a drama..but i also knew interesting people who doesn't smoke..nightlife should be smoke-free like italy(i don't live in italy anymore,i'd say unfortunately about that..)..ciao..
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    The next time do you plan to visit some other places?
  10. yeah,prague..

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