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Discussion in 'Jobs Wanted' started by freeblue, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Hi All

    I had applied a company for a position in Prague. Yesterday, They called me and I had an pre-interview. they asked me why I want to work in Prague,and what salary I expect and about my qualifications and so on.. IT was a very good interview. The lady told me that She would send me an e-mail for another interview in Prague after she talk with HR. I really wonder where i am in the recruitment process. I had answered the same questions via e-mail before. And I haven't heard from them again. This time, I answered the same questions via phone. I really have no experience with International Recruitment Process..

    If you have any experience, Can you tell me what this means ? Does it mean I am on the half way to get the job? or was it just a simple interview?


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