A question for non-native Czech speakers

Discussion in 'General Language' started by sussy, May 11, 2005.

  1. sussy

    sussy Active Member

    As a non-native Czech speaker, how long as it taken you to reach your current level of proficiency? Obviously, include your proficiency level as well. :wink:
  2. rhenium3

    rhenium3 Active Member

    I've been learning Czech off and on for 3 years, and currently my boyfriend does not speak English, so that gives you some idea where I am. Though I don't understand anything and my cases are terrible when I speak, and can get most things across...

    All I can recommend is practice practice practice, mostly by speaking, is the best way. I've taken one semester of Czech and one two week intensive course, and that is it. I have a notebook where I write down words and their english equivalent, I try to read and speak as much as possible as well, though if my friends speak English I do get lazy, so I try to find people who don't speak English. This is the best way.

    All the luck!


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