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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by Guest, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me what the term "service dog" would be in Czech??? My husband and I will be moving to the Czech Republic next year, and I was going to have a new vest for her made with "service dog" in English on one side and in Czech on the other. I just want to make sure that I use the right word(s) for it.
  2. finn

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    ...služební pes - this means something like "police dog", a dog for blind people is "slepecký pes", and a dog for people with some kind of physical disability is called "asistenční pes".
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    thanks so much!
  4. Fred

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    Another quick question. The correct Czech word for "hiccup". My dictionary lists several, but I want the medical one, you know like a burp!
  5. Dana

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    The word for "the hiccups" is "škytavka". One hiccup would be "škytnutí".
  6. Jana

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    The medical term for "hiccup" used by Czech physicians is "singultus", but it is really a doctor´s term - sounds like a serious and interesting disease, doesn´t it?

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