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    You have asked some great questions about American opinion on Vietnam. I do not have time to answer them all so please pick one or two that you really want answered. :D
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    Greetings, I am new to this forum as of today.

    I joined the US Marine Corps at age 17 (parents had to sign for me) and a month after graduating highschool, I entered boot camp in San Diego, Ca.

    I trained as a helicopter mechanic and volunteered for Viet Nam. I had to waive my sole surviving son status to go. Competed for and won a seat as a gunner on a helicopter and after a month, became a Crew Chief, or "door gunner" flying medevacs, insertions, extractions and resupply.

    After my combat tour, I returned to Texas where the general attitude was mostly pro-military so other than a few odd stares from hippies, my buddies and I were not treated badly.

    As this war in Afghanistan and Iraq began, there has been a warming of the American public towards Viet Nam vets, and I find myself being treated quite well now.

    The Veterans Administration compensates me a little for PTSD as I don't sleep very much with a lot of worry about the boys we flew to medical help, as to how they fared once in hospital. As we say in Texas, "it eats at ya."

    I didn't know who John Kerry was but we all hated "that liar" who testified about how we supposedly committed horrible atrocities. My experience was that the Marine Corps highly regulated our behavior towards the civilian Vietnamese. Personally, I was polite and respectful to them and they to me. On the other hand, we flight crew had very little free time since we repaired our aircraft at night and flew by day.

    The people who publically criticized Kerry were veterans who knew that when an officer takes the technicality of three wounds to go home early, he leaves his men to the care of a new and often un-tested officer, who can get you killed very easily. One of Kerry's wounds was self-inflicted and one was treated with a bandaid, while many men who carried their wounded comrades to my medevac bird, were themselves bloody and bandaged, but they stayed in the field out of loyalty to their unit members. I believe Kerry brought on most of his criticism by making his service history a major election theme, when actually one should consider one's service a duty done humbly and quitetly.

    After my ancestors came from Moravia, they served the United States in subsequent wars. My grandfather Joseph Merka, was wounded in France in WWI. My cousin served in Germany in WWII, my uncle in Japan, then myself in Viet Nam. Our family are proud of both our Czech/Moravian heritage and of being Americans. I am the first US Marine in my family.

    To the Hanoi resident, I wish to add that it is great that we are at peace between Viet Nam and the USA. I have in my employ several Vietnamese and they are of the most dilligent and careful workers and good company with which to converse. Your English (written) is most excellent so do not aplolgize. I only know a few words and expressions in your tongue.

    The Farenheit movie is not a true documentary, but a propaganda film that criticizes the Right, by a Left-leaning movie producer, known for taking liberties with the truth.
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    Thank you for your service Sir and welcome to the board. :)
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    Thank you for the welcome. This is a fascinating forum you all have here. There is a veritable cornucopia of Czech infomation here.
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    I would like to echo dzurisovaks words. Thanks for your service and welcome.
    God bless those who are called.
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    Well thanks.

    I envy ya'll for your mastery of this most unusual language. I am calling my Czech Godmother tonight to get her take on some pronounciations. This is a great fourm!

    Semper Fi, Billy Ray

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