Antonin Dvorak birthplace

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    I'm visiting Prague on holiday in June and I am looking for an interesting place to see out of the city. My guide book talks about Nelahozeves. It has the house where Antonin Dvorak was born and also an impressive-looking castle. Being a music-lover, this village appealed to me. What I want to know is - is this a place worth travelling to see and how do you get there from central prague?
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    Sigma Well-Known Member is a good place to look for train and bus schedules.

    You can go to the village from Masarykovo Nadrazi. It takes about 50 mintues and it is direct.

    I can't comment on the village as I've never been there, but here is a link with some information.
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    Thanks, sigma. I think I will try that trip. I read the article broadcast on the radio and it was very interesting. Perhaps I will post a tip here after my holiday if I think the experience is not to be missed!

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