Anyone who speaks English and has MSN

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by wuenteu, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. wuenteu

    wuenteu New Member

    I'm interesteed in makin' contact with anyone from CR (or another country, no matter for me). I'd like this person only to speak English and have MSN, so we could communicate with it:)
  2. nuwan

    nuwan Member

    im from CZ, i speak english only :D...learning czech (going badly)

    wanna chat on msn?
  3. cecilia6162

    cecilia6162 New Member

    Hi, I live in Yukon, OK. USA, and speak only English. I have msn also if you want to chat.
  4. CanadianLove

    CanadianLove Member

    My native language is Czech. Next I speak English, Polish. If you want, we can chat on MSN. But I would like to prefer English , of course.
    Zdravim, Greetings, Pozdrawiam!

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