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    Well known movie theatre is renovated and playing great movies. See, possible to reserve tickets by internet. They play practically all day - different good quality movies. Pls. check which ones are in English or with English subtitles.

    Great location is in pasage Svetozor in Vodickova ul. (by Vaclavske nam.).

    Those who are not familiar with that pasage make sure you check out famous Svetozor Ice cream parlour. Zmrzlinovy POHAR is the thing to have, it is very much frequented by locals and favourite for many many years. They have many kinds of these ice cream sundays in all kinds of combinations with fruit and sauces - all pre-selected and pictured and ingredience listed on the board. You can also point to which you want in that large "pohar" glass....topped with real whip cream....large portions.......delish.......not to be missed.

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