Best Cinemas in Praha??

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    Dobry Den & Stastny Novy Rok!!!

    We are in Prague at the moment and would like to go to the cinema sometime during our stay. Which would you recommend?? I have read that there are different types of cinemas here: some that are like average American theaters and others where you have assigned tables and drink pivo along with a meal or snack (these are the cinemas we are interested in). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Scott and Happy New Year!

    I can think of two types of movie theatres that you might be interested in: a kinokavárna and Village Cinemas Gold Class.

    Kinokavárnas have been around for decades. They are now disappearing just like many small theatres that are being pushed out by their large multiplex competitors. In a kinokavárna (something like a "cinema café" or "coffeehouse cinema"), you basically watch a movie in a café. You sit at a regular table and can order snacks and drinks during the show. I have never been to a kinokavárna in Prague, so I can't recommend one, but I know there's one on Wenceslas Square. It's the Kinokavárna Jalta at Wenceslas Square 43. I'm not sure if and what they are playing. Keep in mind that an old kinokavárna may allow smoking during the movie.

    The other type of a non-standard theatre is the Village Cinemas Gold Class. This is something like a "kinokavárna de luxe". The Gold Class movie hall is much more private and intimate than your typical theatre. The capacity is 24 people. The chairs are arranged in pairs, so you and your partner don't have anyone sitting right next to you. The chairs are comfortable and can be adjusted, so you can sit upright or recline. You can order a snack like a sandwich, nachos, appetizers, ice cream, and/or a drink before the movie starts and a waitress brings your order to your table at the start of the film. The theatre is at Anděl (take metro B or tram 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 or 14 to "Anděl") and the ticket costs 299 CZK (249 CZK on weekdays before 5 p.m.). One minus is that the selection of movies and show times is very limited. You can read more on the Village Cinemas website (in English) or specifically on the Gold Class site, which is only in Czech.

    If you try either of the above options, it would be good to know what you thought, so come back and let us know. :)

    Have fun,


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