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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Ian, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. susana

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    I can't believe nobody mention pelisky!! One of my favourite films...great sense of humour . I would love to find it with Spanish subtitles for my family... but I can hardly find any cz film with Spanish subtitles :cry: does anyone know why?? Susana
  2. holger

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    Pelisky is one of the best films, indeed. It shows the humor and the tragedy around 1968. What I liked best was the screenings of films on the street with Ond&#345ej Brousek.

    What I did "hate" the most was the feeling I knew by myself to loose someone who goes to the west and not to be able to see him or her or whatever the next summer.

    Pelisky is cool, indeed.
  3. holger

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    I was filmed by Vít Klusák in february 2003 for a documentary about czech serials and at that time they made jokes about their celovecerní film-projekt in the car. I didnt knew until I saw Vít again with bloody nose on the CT website.
  4. holger

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    And Ok. Last but not least, my most beloved one E V E R is

    Vesni&#269ko ma st&#345ediskova

    I always watch that when I am feeling down.
  5. holger

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