Brno Expats and January Meet Up!

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  1. joebrno

    joebrno Well-Known Member and have teamed up to organise another monthly meet up!

    The event is getting back to its traditional schedule - the last Thursday of the month, which is 31 January 2013 at 6:30pm.

    Venue: Zlatá Veverka Restaurant, Zelný trh 318/1

    So if you are NEW TO BRNO or have been here for years come along for a drink and a chat, swap information, experiences and tips. Maybe even make some new friends or a do a bit of networking. Students, workers, mums, dads, anybody is welcome!

    We have an additional promotion to this months meet up!

    At the 31 January Meet Up at Zlatá Veverka Restaurant, Real World Press will present a short quiz testing your knowledge of the Czech Republic. The questions will all be thematically related to the novel Rustic Baroque by contemporary Czech author Jiří Hájíček, now newly published in English (but all questions can be answered without having read the book). The quiz will be presented by Gale A. Kirking, the Brno-based translator of the novel! you can be drawn as one of the two winners and receive a free copy of Rustic Baroque.

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