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    Hello, out there
    my name is Raphaël and I just entered this forum a few days ago. Because of my job and for reasons to be able to communicate more easy with the czech native speakers, I am very interested in improving my basic czech language. I will tell more details about myself and about my reasons for wanting to learn this language personaly ( czech? ).

    More important now is, that I want to avoid class-room-methods. I highly prefer a practical approach by simply going out 'into real life' and chat about any item which seems interesting enough. This can be combined with for example a drink or dinner or even small excursion now and then, totally up to weather and mood and interest. By former experiences, I know this is a quite effective way to proceed and have some fun at the same time.

    As an exchange, I can 'offer' practical english and german and dutch (I am a dutchman from origin), all fluently or close to, and good atmoshpere.

    Basically interested in the idea? Then let's start with simply letting me know on or, tell a bit about yourself and uvidíme how to proceed.

    Se srdečným pozdravem, na shle,

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